Friday, September 23, 2011

26 weeks 4 days

I had a dr appt yesterday and (i'm hesitant to say) things are looking good!  I measured at 26 weeks, right where i should be...if you remember i measured at 28weeks, 3 weeks ago! so not sure how that works, but my measurements are on track...The dr is not concerned with all my contractions (irregular as they are, around 4 an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less) i was scared he was going to put me on bed rest...but no reduced activity needed, hooray!
There is still that nagging 1% chance that this could all end miserably :( but as time progresses it's looking better and better that this is a great pregnancy and baby is doing well.
 After my appointment yesterday and a full night's sleep, i woke up feeling a huge weight lifted...i don't think i realized just how stressed this was making me. all the uknowns. I still have a bit of that stress but i am so excited, more than ever (which is hard to beat, i have been excited beyond all since day one) to meet this little baby of ours.
I just KNEW it was a girl until about 2 weeks ago, then i started doubting for some reason and i am desperatly trying to think of some boy names just in case.  My favorite it Troy again...josh isn't a huge fan, yet...and we are playing around with the idea of having a Max (or maybe Maximus, if it is up to me!) Josh likes Kole or Derek...i don't like either...for the most part neither of us can think of a boy name we like at all. It's all part of the fun.
I'll be sure to post my 28week, 7month photo when the time is right.
Thanks for all the support!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby Bump! and huge baby update

I'm such an awful slacker this time around. Even though i didn't have internet i still had a camera and i failed to take pictures of my growing baby until a couple weeks ago...I've been getting big really fast. I have mixed comments coming in and i never know who to believe (so i go with how i feel and i feel big most days) Some people tell me, "what?! big? no. you look great!" or "it's because it's your third" -which makes me feel larger'ish but still normal and lastly "wow! you grew since i last saw you!" -which is mostly from patients who i saw only about 2 weeks prior...hmmmm I'm definetly super emotional this time around which doesn't help. I hardly ever cry, but with this pregnancy i am close to tears all the time it seems (which is sort of a nice switch) but really i teared up during a youtube crash testing video of a car we are considuring! that was just a little too crazy!
I don't know why i have slacked so much on pictures, i was on top of it with the last two kids. well i do know. I haven't been so proud of my growing belly this time around for some reason. It came so fast and makes me feel fat not pretty! (one of the main reasons i think it's a girl-that's how i felt with Riley, with Braden i felt SO pretty most of the time!)
I am sad that i don't love it so much. I LOVE knowing their is life growing in me and it took quite a few months to get that to happen. So that is why i neglecting taking the monthly pictures even though i knew i would regret it.
Well about a week before this picture my nurse called and said they recieved results from my 20week ultrasound and i had TOO much amniotic fluid (polyhydrmanios) and that i needed to started doing weekly ultrasounds to monitor the fluid level until delivery or until my dr directed me to stop (he was on vacation). I was instantly nervous that something-anything was wrong with the pregnancy.  Pregnancies are so delicate and one little thing could make it go so wrong, ya know?
Let the googling begin! i googled a  lot on what this complication is, why it happens, what causes it, the risks for baby and for me etc. i found out that this happens to all of 1-2% pregnancies (lucky me!) it can be caused by gestational diabetes (which i was tested for a week later and do NOT have) it can be caused by swallowing problems with the baby or a complete intestinal blockage in the baby, 65% of cases are just unknown and there is a 1% chance a chromosomal abnormality with the baby is causing this.
Well about a week after this news i had my monthly check up, but this time with a new OBGYN in my same medical group b/c my dr was on vacation. I'm SO glad i got to meet him. i LOVED him and wasnt thrilled with my origional OBGYN. I let him know what was going on (what the nurse called and said). He did the normal lay me down and measure pelvic bone to top of uterus and did say i was measuring for 28weeks along and i was only 23.5weeks at that point! He sent me to a specialist the next day.
When i saw the specialist they did see a high level of amniotic fluid but no swallowing issues and no intestinal blockage issues. Since it wasn't that and i dont' have gestational diabetes he said there is a 1% chance for a chromosomal abnormality causing this. I was too overwhelmed with info at the dr's to ask him if there are certain ones that seem to cause this. So when i went home and googled again. I found out that IF it is a chromosomal thing (again 1% chance...but already i am the 1-2% chance of having this polyhydramnios) it is mosty usually associated with abnormalities on chromosomes 21, 18 and 13.  21 causing down syndrome and 18 and 13 both can cause severe mental retardation.  While i was googling it did say that if diagnosed with polyhydrmanios in the 2nd trimester there is a small chance it can go away all together in the 3rd (fingers crossed!)
So i had definit MIXED emotions. I was prouder of that big belly of mine, knowing that i only look and feel sooo huge because i am stretched to one month bigger than i really should be! (felt good for my prideful side)
but a little devestated (not going to lie) that this baby might not be the type of "perfect" all mom's are hoping for.  We are opting to NOT do the amniocentisis b/c it would be purely informational and there wouldnt be one darn thing to "fix" and we, of course, will keep and love this baby NO MATTER WHAT!
I have good and bad days. Good days where i feel so BLESSED to be pregnant and to feel this super duper active baby always bumping, nudging, kicking and rolling around and SOOOOO excited to meet him or her. and Other days where i am overcome with worry and guilt. Worry that this baby will not be the "perfect" i mentioned before, that this baby could possibly have a lifetime of trials ahead, and for me and josh too. and guilt for caring about that.
There is a big risk of premature labor and delivery because i have so much fluid, there is an increased risk of miscarriage. I already have contractions every day, about one an hour or so. Dr didnt seem too worried yet but did confirm they are real contractions (probably becasue all the fluid is stretching my unterus, he said) they don't hurt but every time i feel one it just makes me worry how this pregnancy may end?
I normally HATE telling other people my "problems" but because i get sooo many people saying "how far along are you?" and i have to let them know i still have until the end of December i feel, for some reason, like i have to explain myself. So PLEASE do NOT feel like you have to ask me how im doing...all the attention about "issues" is hard!
I promise to keep all updated!

I found may!

so i was downloading photos from an old camera's memory card and wa-la! ( no clue on the spelling for that one) i found may!
We vacationed in Torey Utah this year. My mom and step dad took their trailer (thank goodness, it was a life saver at some points) my parents got a cabin for me, josh and our kids, and one for my brother and his wife.  We met up with our cousins from Idaho and their grand daughter who is just a year older than Riley.
We had a blast exploring the national park and just playing around the camp site.
Unfortunatly (for me) it went from 70 degrees and beautiful to rainy, to windy, to hail, to thunder storms and finally SNOW on the last day. crazy crazy weather but fun spending time with family none the less.
 Josh and Braden saying Hi on a super tall rock
 Braden learned how to throw a frisbee back at camp
 Riley just hanging out in the rocks and dirt
 It was about 12+ hours to get their and the kids did SO GOOD. seriously. i thought it would be a kind of hard trip their since we dont have a dvd player or anything...we came prepared with snacks, games, coloring etc but they really did good the entire way, josh and i didn't get frustrated once on the way there...the way home is a different story...i thought it would never end!
 This is the hike where Riley found a HUGE snake...unfortunatly i don't have a copy of the picture yet, but we all walked right over/around it somehow and she found it!

Riley and Alexia having fun on the hike

 There were a lot of little cut outs along the way so the girls stopped to hide in one and scare me
 gone! (it's really rough being given a ride the entire time)
 Our cute little cabin. thanks mom!
 And the crazy snow as we were trying to leave!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Update# 3 July

I'm finally sure to scroll back a few posts and catch all the updates!
My cutie pie Braden
4th of July
Riley let me do her hair...waddaya think?
Pool time with Opa and cousin Hailey
Braden loving time with Uncle Daniel
Uncle Matthew got Riley to jump in the water off the edge and from then on she wanted to swim without her floaties...he is a dog paddling champ now since she still wont put her head under water...she loves being a fish though, and we are proud of her.
After swimming we went to Josh's parents house for homemade icecream and fireworks. Braden was doing a little clean up duty and licking the icecream maker clean!

2011 Update# 2 June (i had no pictures for may)

I guess in May i was a little depressed with the lack of internet and blog posting abilities so i didnt take any pictures May! sad... so on to June.
My parents alwasy get a camping spot in Big Bear the week of July 4th but this year we did it the week before the 4th...
Here are the kiddos getting snuggled down in Grancy and Papa's trailor...

The next day, the guys (my step dad and josh) dropped me and the kids off at a fun little spot along the lake and then they went to find the best bow-fishing spot. We set up chairs and played with toys in the water.
Braden was figuring our the kayak
Riley has my mom wrapped around her finger...they collected flowers that riley wants to keep for her wedding day (so riley)

Riley must of been on this rock singing to my mom for atleast mom adores riley and gives her so much attention, i'm very lucky to have her as a mom and grandmother for my kids...
Riley was just singing randomly about things she could see from the rock....ohh so serious
Back at the camp site...Braden was being allll dirty and with his camo hat

And last but not least...Josh with his catch for the day.

2011 Update #1 April

I've decided since i need to catch up since April of this year, i will just go month by month to do this a little more quickly!
I wish i could of/would of found a way to update as things's so hard to remember details looking back.
This is april fool's day this year. We had our traditional "cupcakes" for dinner (meatloaf topped with colored mashed potatoes) Braden took one poke and wouldn't eat it, Riley continues to love it.

My parents have a time share and with that deal you can do a day pass anytime you want, where you can enjoy the pool and water slides. They took me and the kids and my sister in-law and her son during the week on day.
The kids LOVED it..they have a fun kiddy waterslide where you can wear your floaties....both kids loved it but riley hated dunking at the end so i had to catch her.

Easter (finally!)
The usual...decorating eggs...

And the Easter bunny came...Riley left the easter bunny a carrot and a picture she colored...she was upset b/c the Easter bunny ate the carrot and only left a few crumbs but forgot to take her picture! (oops!)

Just a cute one!
On a "pine cone walk" Riley found a snail and had quite the experience. She loved holding it, but then would start to freak out because the snail started moving around and she thought it would bite her. So imagine her giggle-crying...hehe pretty cute...THEN the snail peed on her! ewww she hated that but wanted to take it home so she was sooo squirmy until she could put it down at home and wash her hands.