Saturday, April 12, 2014


  April fools has become one of my absolute favorite holidays...
   Here is a little of what our day looked like-as my sweet innocent babes slept, I snuck into their rooms colored silly faces on them! Crazy eyebrows and mustaches...
I woke Riley up for school and kept my poker face as I went down to start making breakast and packing her lunch, not long after I hear her upstairs giggling and giggling! She loved the joke!
Braden on the other hand came down and through Riley's giggles found out he was the victim of the same joke. He tried to be a good sport but wanted me to wipe it off.
   We all went to wake up Max and we were laughing so hard!  He just thought it was great that we were all laughing and happy. Finally josh told him to go brush his teeth knowing he would see himself in the mirror. He did the funniest double take!

Here is how they felt about their first trick of the day...
 Next on my list was fake poop on the toilet seat...I yelled for Riley to come in the bathroom and said "I canNOT believe you pooped on the seat!" she looked at me and at the poop, and back at me and said "I didn't do that!!! It wasnt me!" and I said "well then who was it?!" she said she didn't know and I said "well you are the oldest so you have to go clean it!" she walked right over and was going to do it! You could tell she thought something about it was odd but I was acting so mean she was confused. She gets definite points for going over to clean it without arguing!!!
I put googly eyes on all of Riley's lunch foods
On their way out to the car to take Riley to school they saw some money on the porch...but try as they might they couldn't pick it up! I super glued it down...not so funny, now they just fight over who will get the quarter when it finally comes unglued. 
It is tradition for 4years now that we eat "cupcakes" for dinner with juice. I make meatloaf into cupcake liners, drizzle BBQ sauce on top, then dye mashed potatoes to look like frosting and put that on top and voilá, trick cupcakes! The kids normally hate them haha but tradition is tradition right?! I also make jello in a cup so it looks like juice but doesnt come out when they take a drink. It did not get the reaction I was hoping for from Max...he didn't care and just tried to eat it. The other years the kids were a bit more dramatic!
Tell me those eyebrow aren't hilarious?!

Riley came down stairs dressed like this and I instantly flashed back to me when I was little. We look pretty similar :)

I found out Reese loves splashing in the tub! I filled it just a couple inches and sat her up since she can sit so well now. I showed her once how to splash and she went at it! She LOVES it. So glad I have another water baby on my hands. 

Max fell at Max and Lynne's during general conference and hit his eye on the corner of a raised tile. I took one look and said "he needs stitches, let's go!" everyone helped and watches the other kids and josh and I took him to dr andreasen's house to get his opinion on urgent care vs ER. Max was crying but on and off mostly. He really was tough about it. 
   We decided to go to urgent care and after two drs took a look it was decided one stitch was needed. They swaddled him tight in a blanket, rubbed a little numbing gel over it and placed a stitch immediately. There was no way it was numb at all. Poor Max! He did so good-he cried of course but not near as bad as I expected him too. Right after the dr checked his work and Said he was done he threw in one more stitch for good measure-it shocked us all but he seemed like a good dr and if one more stitch is what was needed I'm glad he did it.
Did I mention how very close it was to his actually eye ball?! He got very lucky. A few mm's to the left and we wouldve had a much more serious probmem!
   We gave him some Tylenol that night and he slept fine, didn't seem to bother him, he didn't touch it much and the next day he was acting normal...
Not the cleanest thing for it but hey...things slip with kid #4 right?
   He was supposed to go back to urgent care 3-5days later to have his stitches removed...if you think I'm going to pay $30 to have them do it you are crazy! I'm completely capable of such a thing and did it myself day 4. It is healing nicely and doesn't look like it will leave a scar. I'm sure this will be the first of many stitches to come for our wild man!

Josh's cousin Spencer and his wife and their two kids live just a few blocks from us and they invited us and a few other people for a playdate one day. 
She set up their water slide, they also have a trampoline and we brought snacks to share...the kids had a blast!
When spencer got home from work he got the hose out and made the slide super slippery for the kids!

Josh went to the sand dunes last minute one Saturday with his friend jacob. So Jacob's wife Shelley and I (we met a few months back and have since become good friends) decided we didn't want to be home all day by ourselves with our kids. We each have 4, about the same ages. So I told her we should go to White Water Preserve. It's about 10-15minutes from our house and has a fish reservoir 
and lots of hiking and playing in dirt! Perfect! She was game so we packed snacks, sunscreen lots of kids, got gas (phew!) and she followed me out. We stopped to look at the fish for a long time. 
 Then we found these mounds of dirt so that kept the kids occupied for a good while. 

Reese was SO good. No surprise. She was as happy as can be in her hiking back pack looking around!
Shelley has an awesome dog named
Shadow. I have never seriously wanted to start even maybe thinking about getting a  dog until I met shadow! Such a good family dog and the kids love him!
Back to look at the fish again...

The ranger mentioned to us that just a few yards away there was a wading pool for the kids so we went to check it out. It was right at the bottom of the trail heads and unfortunately was all dry due to the drought. The kids had fun running around it anyway and playing on the boulders in it. There was a telescope there as well so I held up each kid over and over for them to get a close of the mountainside, trees and ground. 
   Riley ran over and told me "mom! There is a snake over there but I think it's dead." so I said cool, show me!  I get to a small boulder Braden is standing on and no more then 2feet away was a HUGE rattlesnake! Like 3-4feet long. All stretched out luckily. I took one look, saw the rattle and told the kids to get back and quick! That was sooo crazy. Shelley went and told the ranger while I kept the kids away-i set the telescope straight on the snake so they could each see a close up of it. The ranger came and tried to pick it up with some grabbers and it instantly coiled and hissed! We spent the next hour watching the ranger try to get the snake into a trash can but that snake wasn't having it. It was really a good experience for the kids and kept me entertained too!
He went in the trash can once and came right back out!
The ranger was nice enough to answer all our questions and take a picture with the kids
It was such a fun trip and can't wait to take the kids more this summer!
We went home, I gave the kids baths and naps then we went to Shelley's for dinner :) it was nice to have a friend to make the day go by!

Easter came so fast this year. The week was so busy but I had to make time to dye eggs with the kids!

Stacy also had a fun Easter egg hunt and invited us. Everyone picked up a pizza and brought snacks to share. There was an egg hunt for the little kids then for the big kids. We ate and played all afternoon. She even had eggs for the kids to due! So fun!

          Stacy and Cody

Taylor and Emily got sealed for time and all eternity on April 19th. Emily looked gorgeous and Taylor was very handsome. 
The reception was held a a family friends house and was an incredible venue. They had a huge property complete with koi pond, amazing pool, HUGE parrot cage, an airplane hanger for a house, a view to die for, and even a tee house with air conditioning and bathroom! 
Emily and Taylor looked so happy! I am
Excited for a new sister inlaw :)

  Easter Sunday started off by the kids coming down and hunting for candy filled eggs throughout the down stairs. Riley and Braden knew just want to do and enjoyed finding the ones in a hard hiding spot. As wild and crazy Max is, he is one smart kid. Before he even saw that there was candy in some and quarters/dimes in others he would shake an egg whenever he found one and if it didn't sound like candy he would say "NOPE!" (which in Max language sounds like "note") and put the egg back. Josh and I were laughing so hard! I was kind of surprised too because he loves to put money in his piggy bank. 
            Reese's first Easter! The bunny brought her a new toy, puffs, biter biscuits and other baby food snacks. 
Braden had been hoping for a couple weeks before Easter that the bunny would bring him a "big hollow bunny!" so he was happy :)
Riley was the fastest and I had to tell her to slow down and leave some eggs for her brothers!
Max just loves candy no matter the shape or size!
After some candy gobbling and breakfast the kids got dressed for church...

6mths 3days Reese started blowing raspberries. And for about 2-3days she did it all day long! The other kids loved seeing her do that. 
I wanted to remember that Reese started babbling like crazy at 6mths. I don't remember my other kids doing it so much but I have a bad memory. It's pretty cute, she can really get going!

We are making slow progress with baby food. Reese is getting more use to the taste and can swallow a lottle better but gags a lot still! But she does like puffs now and opens her mouth willingly when she sees one coming. I have a feeling she is going to skip all pured baby foods and go straight to healthy finger table foods. 
This face just melts my heart!
A little fun in the evening!
 Since we were at Josh's parents house for Easter we celebrated at my dads the week after. They love to spoil the kids and they do good at it!
They had Easter baskets hand made by Judi filled with little toys and an Easter egg hung set up. 
Reese LOVED her basket!

They are so loved :)
My dad blows out a raw egg each year and makes one for each person! It's my favorite Easter tradition. Here is this year's haul. he writes our name and year on the back as well. 
Our family footprints on the beach for josh and I:
Max got a football, Riley got a princess, Braden got a batman egg and Reese got an adorable carrot!
The pictures don't do it justice. They are so delicate and my dad does suh a great job!

April was another busy month...I'm starting to see a trend. I think with 4 kids and one mom who doesnt like to sit still it's always going to be busy!
   Riley only has about 4 more weeks of school, I cannot wait to have her home all day for summer!