Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Our cousin Katie had the great idea to be from the 50's this halloween with all 3 of our families (Me, Josh and the kids. Katie, Russel and their 3 kids, and Lisa, Ben and their son-group picture coming soon)
The guys were "greasers" and the girls all wore poodle skirts (katie made the 3 little girls' ones, and they are ADORABLE!)
Our ward did a "trunk or treat" the night before halloween and i had the idea of decorating our trunk like a 50's diner and serving rootbeer floats instead of passing out candy...
Family pictures in front of our Juke Box
The little girls...morgan was striking some great poses!

My little greaser! Check out the high top converse...(maybe my best garage sale find?)

Riley won't take pictures lately so this is the best one i got of her...
Getting set up for the trunk or treat...we had 50's music playing as well
Serving our rootbeer floats...Katie(in yellow) and I scooped, Lisa (in maroon) filled with rootbeer and stuck a straw in...The line was never ending, i hardly got a chance to look up at who i was serving! It was so fun and crazy, we all did what we could during the crazy moments, Katie and I ended up pooring rootbeer and scooping while Lisa pleased the customers, cleaned up our messes, fetched more cups etc.
We had 3 gallon buckets of icecream and 21 liters of rootbeer! The icecream ran out after about 200 people so we turned it into a "soda bar" and served rootbeer...We had a BLAST!
Our cherished Juke Box...we worked on this bad boy for over 4 hours!
It took a LOT of glitter, some glue, 3brains and a lot of LAUGHS!
Lisa had such a good idea to play with the titles of the song choices on the juke box to go with our kids' names...
  • Nathan Angel
  • Wake up Little Mady
  • Morgan Sue
  • Luke Potion #9
  • Rockin' Riley
  • Braden B. Goode
i LOVE these girls

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Live For Them

My family that is.

Celebrating my Dad's birthday

Helping me bake french bread (thanks Charlyn again for that recipe...SO good, i'll repost it for the rest of you soon!)

Riley, Braden and I went to the pumpkin patch with Riley's preschool co-op. We had a great time...Braden was the only one wanting to pose for pictures. He was SO excited and kept saying "ball!  ball!" pointing at all the pumpkins.
Riley finally was posing for me because she got to sit on the bail of hay and of course Braden reached up to pinch her throat off...
I bribed her somehow to take this super cheese picture
Can you belive the size of this pumpkin, i'm so growing them in my back yard next year...i would love to grow a freakishly large one

Riley's class: (from the left: Madylin, Morgan, Riley, Case and Caiden) Yes that is the best picture i got!

A couple more "firsts for Braden"
His leg fell asleep and he was "laugh-crying" we could not get him to stand up to brush him off after dinner and josh finally figured out his leg was asleep, SO FUNNY.
Peanut Butter! His dr (who is great) was fine with him having it at a year...he didn't LOVE it but didn't hate it, it was what it was...nice to have something else to feed him now though.

I saw on my friend's blog how she did puppets with her daughter one day just for fun so i decided to try, riley and i had a blast...we cut out construction paper eyes,eye lashes even, nose, ears tongue and lips oh and teeth-riley's favorite part-then we curled ribbon for the hair and glued it on, the dress is HIDEOUS but that is my fault...after 45min of being creative my juices ran out.
I almost forgot, the reason for her face. I wanted her to hold the puppet up and smile at the camera. She is still working on coordinating all that i think, but it results in a hilarious picture for me!
I got out our Nintendo, Riley played her first game of Duck Hunt and actually beat me...what the heck?

Riley turned 3!
We invited all of senior primary to come and the kids that showed had a blast.
They played in her bounce house, tents/tunnels, took turns beating up an impossible pinata and ate a "horse" cake (riley's request) I can't believe my baby girl is 3...

Braden being a boy...

And he FINALLY learned to clap...really don't most kids come out of the womb clapping? well my little goob figured it out just around 12months

Can't you see why i Live for them?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I must be getting old...

...or something. I am LOVING this weather. what?! did I just say that? i usually dread the cold days and live outside during the hot Hot HOT days...but seriously it's been so pretty around here with all the storm clouds, rain pouring outside and hearing the thunder just does something to you. Makes me want to curl up by a window and read my book (but we all know how that goes when you have kids).
Speaking of books. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson will suck you in (after pg.92-slow.rough start) no matter how many kids you have fighting for your attention.
And...drum roll please...Braden is walking! He still crawls but walks most of the time now, i officially have a toddler on my hands again...he is quite wobbly and cute to watch!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few more from the 3 WHOLE hours we've been up

(in our closet while josh got dressed for work)
"Is this your wedding dress"
me"no that is my temple dress"
"why is it white?"
me"because we wear white in the temple"
"why is it long"
me"so when i put it on it goes to the ground"
me...i think i walked away.

(playing with stickers, the kind with "oogly eyes")
"why do they have real eyes"
"why do they make noise"
"why does the ghost have tiny eyes?" over and over until i answered
me"because he's a tiny ghost."

me"your crown doesn't belong in here(the bathroom)"
me"because this is the bathroom" ...

i can't even remember the rest. it happens too often for certain things to really stand out...last night i felt like EVERY single thing that came out of her mouth started with "why"...glad she's using her noggin'!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


(riley bustin' out the vampire teeth for halloween)
We have entered the "why" phase. Cute right? Right. I try to remind myself that this is cute. Sometimes it is and sometimes well, i say over and over..."This is cute, this is Riley getting smart. Teach her while she is willing."
   A few of them lately:
 -me"riley you have to use the handle to open the (car)door"
 -Riley "why?"
 -me"because when you pull the handle the door opens"
 -Riley"but why?"
 -me"because that is how it was made."
 -Riley"but why?"

 -Riley"why is it raining?"
 -me"because the clouds are full"
 -me"because Heavenly Father wanted it to rain"
 -Riley"but what about it?!" (this is what she says when i'm not answering her the way she wants, when i'm not understanding her question.)

I understand i need to start coming up with better answers, i guess i've lacked the motivation lately especially when the answer would leave her just as confused anyway...