Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Has February come and gone already?!
   A few things i wanted to write down so I can look back on and laugh are:
*Max calls people "meany". It's like giving you the middle finger. He says it when someone takes something from him or if I don't give him something he wants etc. He says it loud and to your face sometimes and other times under his breath while he is walking away. Sometimes he says it to be funny but usually he says it be mean.  It is hilarious but we are starting to discipline when he says it inappropriatly, like if he doesn't get his way etc. and recently I try I have him say "goofy!" instead to make it more of a funny thing. And he says "doofy" which provides plenty of entertainment!
* Braden makes fart noises all. Day. Long. And now Max does. it's funny the first few times but by the 100th fart noise by 7:30am I'm over it. 

*Reese rolled for first time. Tummy to back 4mths 4days old. Our earliest roller by far!
*Reese laughs a lot more and its easier to make her laugh now. 
*Reese likes to rock herself back and forth when you hold her. It's pretty funny and weird!
*Reese continues to be incredibly easy going. She is happy if I hold her and doesn't mind when i put her down. She is happy to play by herself or just look around. She started grabbing for toys his month and that has been fun for us all to watch. She likes the links the best so she can chew on them and give our fingers a break! She sleeps through the night still but is waking up about 6:15am now to eat and go back to sleep!
*this girl loves to suck her thumb! I know it will be a hassle to break this habit later on but it sure is convenient and cute right now!
         Riley had 80's day at school!
    Riley used to ask EVERY.SINGLE. DAY when she would get a loose tooth (and she would even cry often about it)...
well that day finally came and her first tooth stayed loose for almost 3 weeks! It finally fell out at school, just like she hoped would happen. she got to get a tooth container necklace and bring her tooth home. 
Having fun with all the hot wheels!
         Silly face on my sweet girl
     I will sure miss the day I don't have these cute rain boots lined up and little feet to fill them...
    Valentines day baby...same outfit Riley wore 6years ago. 
               All my little cupids 
    Enjoying the nice weather in winter!
   These boys love to play on the stairs as pretend to sleep on them. 

  More awesome SoCal winter activities

    I took an LVN refresher this month and have sent in a few applications. Hope to get a part time night shift job soon.