Sunday, February 8, 2009

whoa whoa WHOA let's clear something up!

In the last blog i said josh bought me the double jogger for an early birthday present...6 months early...MY birthday is a the end of my birthday is in 6 months.(not to be confused that i am 3 months pregnant and am due in 6 months-not the case!) Quite a few people have come to the conclusion that i'm pregnant from the last blog, although we are officially trying i promise to post pictures and a blog as soon as we are (we wait to tell anyone until we are about 3 months along or so). So, ya it was a double jogger, although we only have one kid, we are trying for more so we couldn't pass up the great deal! haha i hope this clears up any confusion :)

Riley Scare

On tuesday we were at josh's parents house around 4pm and riley started to get a little something in her throat, sounded a little raspy, like she had to cough to clear it, and i though, oh darn, she's going to get sick-no biggy though. Well then she took about an hour nap on my mother in law's lap and when she woke up she was siiiickk! poor baby. she couldn't breath that well, like she had phlem in her throat and all she wanted to do was just lay on us. We went to dinner than ran a few errands before we went home. By then riley was just miserable, josh steamed up the bathroom and stood with riley in there while i ran to walmart to get a new filter for her humidifier. We tented out her crib and put the humidifier right by it and i slept on the ground next to her all night. By then she was sucking so hard to get any air (this is when i should of know, being a mom and LVN to take her to the ER) but we didn't want to be those crazy parents who run to the dr for everything. So i listened to her barely breath all night long, toss and turn and wake up from time to 4am she woke up with a 102.3 temp and wouldn't drink anything hardly. She went right back to sleep, she was feeling so horrible she couldn't really wake up all the way. In the morning i was off to work (figures, i get a job, only part time, and riley gets the most sick she's ever been!) luckily my mother in law was more than willing to watch her. Josh got her for the only dr. appointment open that day at 1:30 in the afternoon. I called to see about riley on my lunch break and my mother in-law said she was doing alright, pretty sick and just wanted to lay with her mostly. When josh took her to dr. he said they took one look and said "we're going to call an ambulance" ohhhhhhhh man! so they rushed her to the pediatric er at loma linda (great hospital!) josh was bummed he couldn't ride with her, he had to take the car with the car seat over and he said there was no room for his anyway. Josh said the EMT's were great, they gave riley a book and a stuffed doggy, she was trying to bark as they took her out of the ambulance. Josh called my cell phone (forgot my work nummber in a different car) and left a message, but since i'm at work i have my cell on silent and try not to look at it too often-bad work ethic! so i didn't see his call, my boss (family friend) came in and said josh had called her cell about 20 min ago and left a message and so she said i should check it. I looked at my phone immediatly and saw a missed call from him and a message which i listened to right then. Josh in a calm voice said all that happened and i told my boss and they are so awesome they let me rush right out of work, they even offered to drive me there. I got there about 25 min. later, so scared and nervous! Riley was laying with josh on the hopsital bed just looking miserable! and the worst part was she didn't want me :( she just wanted josh, i totally had to work soooo hard to trick her to let her lay on me. sad, but we just wanted her to be comfy. oh funny-right when i got there i was leanign over riley and a dr. was like "you got these two patients?" (reffering to riley and the baby in the bed next to her. i was in my scrubs from work) and we were all confused for about 30 seconds before we laughed...from then on he called me "nurse mom" so before i got there riley had oral steroids to get the swelling in her throat down and one breathing treatment (which let her cough up a bunch of stuff onto josh hehe) so the dr came by a little later and was debating giving her another breathing treatment but didn't do it. we went to josh's parents house and josh and his brother gave riley a blessing. At first we kind of doubted the dr. becuase she was still soooo wheezy, but as the night when on it only got better. Well it's sunday now and i've slept in her room every night. She still wakes up to cough and get a drink...but she is doing sooooo much better! what a scare. We're jus so glad she is okay.
Our sleeping situation, ha, not as bad as it looks!
Almost all better, being silly again.

So girly! Loves her shoes

A few weeks ago i babysat brook and jordyn and Brook and riley had a blast playing in the tunnels. Brook took first prize, hands down for best hair!

not too shabby either

my very early (like 6 months early) birtday present from josh! we found this double stroller, brand new on super clearance and couldn't pass it up. It's my present for every holdiay from here on out for quite some time, and that's perfectly fine with me! I can't wait to test it out when the rain stops
Riley LOVES it too. We could hardly keep her out of it when josh was putting it together. Then afterward she crawled up in and right after this picture she fell asleep!