Friday, August 3, 2012

Potty training

I decided it was time to potty train Braden. 1.his diapers were disgusting 2. He didn't like when we had to change him 3. He was ASKING for a diaper 4.the straw that broke the camels back or however the saying goes-I found out he was screaming and fighting and KICKING our awesome babysitter when she tried to change him.
Not happenin' in this house, no way.
Sooo I tried about a month ago and he peed in his underwear and then pooped in them and didn't really tell us and I could just tell he wasnt quite ready. And cleaning out the poopy underwear sent me running back to diapers quick! BUT the day our babysitter told us he kicked her I was ready to try again and make it work. I struggled between forcing the issue and waiting till he was ready but my mommy instincts told me to just do it.
He screamed and cried and I had to FORCE him into his underwear. He was embarrassed to wear them for some reason. As soon as I got him distracted he was fine. We set up our system: if he TRYS to go potty he gets to put a sticker on the paper hanging in the bathroom that is JUST for him-so special with a B on it as everything. If he actually pees on the toilet he gets a little candy (3m&ms) or something. If he goes poop he gets the batman pez dispenser and pez that was sitting on our mantel.
With out giving you a totally play by play he had two minor accidents the first day (not counting diaper at nap/bedtime) then he had a HUGE accident for the sitter the next day. Then we went on a 3day vacation-bad timing.
Since we've been back he has only had two accidents. We even made it to the park and store in big boy undies but boy was I scared!!!
He is doing great and tell me every time he has to go-he even sits on he toilet to fart hahaha better safe then sorry! We will see if he has any setbacks but its looking good so far!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Selena-i call her Ena- is one of my greatest friends. We met in college over 6years ago thru a mutual friend and we will be friends forever. Simple. We just have that bond, that type of friendship where we are comfortable with each other. We can be goofy-to the extreme goofy, but we often have serious conversations too.
She has so many talents, piano being my favorite talent of hers. She is good-REALLY good. She comes over and plays my piano for me and I just do dishes while I listen or sit on the couch and watch. You can name any song and if you sing her a few lines or if she remembers how it sounds she can play it within seconds!fl from simple songs to supeeeerrr complex sounding ones. No music sheets needed-it's genius, it really is. i don't understand how a person can do that! For example, there is his song called waterfall by John Schmidt i think, I played it for ena on my iPod and she figured it out on the piano in seconds! If you know that song then this makes more sense. It is a gift from above-she's worked very hard at it too and there are just no words to describe how amazing she is!
{and my favorite is when she makes silly faces while she plays. She whips her head around, has the most hilarious sitting poses and contorts that face of hers! Hahah} love you ena!