Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm back!

I haven't posted in awhile because i thought i didn't have anything blog worthy to share...boy was i wrong! look what i found when i uploaded pictures from my camera...
A trip to San Diego...the kids and I stopped at the beach to take a stroll...

 I was a COMPLETE doofus (spelling?) and decided to take the kids pictures as we rushed out the door for church... they came out OK for Braden just waking up and Riley hateing the camera...but did i think to take them infront of our tree that was about 20ft behind me? NO. dumb dumb dumb...we will be re-doing these infront of the TREE

If you know Riley, then you know she is into anything that she associates with being a princess. Whether it's the color pink, long hair, a dress that "spins", or a dress that touches the ground when you walk. Well we can add curly hair the list, she will sit patiently and let me curl her hair into ringlets, so fun!

 I watched the meteor shower that we won't be blessed with again until 2014 from atop josh's truck
And today, i let the kids play in the never ending rain. There was nothing left to do but play in the rain that has decided it's here to stay.
 Braden took it like a man...he was in his sister's rain jacket and rain boots (pink soles with polka dots)
 Not to mention the boots are a few sizes too big and he kept falling...he made the most of those falls and splashed in the puddles with his hands until i helped him up.

 I tried desparetly to get a picture of riley in the air facing me...wasn't meant to be i guess!

 Riley found a "nice snake" and she even held it...that's my girl!
Hope you are all enjoying the rain the best you can.  Santa is coming soon!
Our family wishes you a very merry Christmas. We hope you are blessed with loads of family time and safe travels.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

one nice!

I've been wondering when Braden (if ever) will go down to just one nap a day...he is tired by about 9:15am i can barely hold him to 10am most days before he goes down for his first nap...I feel like i never can get things done outside of the house. It's always either meal time, nap time or time where i feel my kids need to be playing not sitting in the car (somedays they just have to)...So, today i decided to go back to "Library Time". We haven't been there since Braden was about 4months old i think! I figured this way he would be distracted and wouldn't need that first nap... Riley was SO excited to go back and frankly, so was i, i love lirbrary time. Ms. Nancy is the lady who runs it and she is the best there could ever be for the job. She is so organized, thoughtful and so silly! She dances and sings and reads books with tons of emotion.
This was our tiral day and it went great!
The kids had breakfast, got dressed and off we were to run errand number one by 9:30 in the morning! We dropped some stuff off at the D.I. and then headed to Library. It ended about 11:30 (i got to get a couple good books-i'm SO excited to dive into them today!) and then home for lunch!  Braden was a little too tired to do a great job on his lunch but he is down for his one and only (keep your fingers crossed) nap of the day!
Wish us luck :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Mouse in the House!

Cruel or HILARIOUS-you be the judge!
Josh would vote more for the cruel side and i'm team captain for HILARIOUS...

A friend made these cookies that looked like mice and the minute i saw them i knew i had to trick someone...poor riley!