Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awww my first post in awhile where my kids aren't sick and i'm not stressed out. I LOVE it. We've been just haning out, not doing much, getting braden on a sleeping schedule, or trying to figure one out. Playing with Riley. Listening to all the crazy things she says, trying to learn to stay in all day without going nuts. The usual!
Braden has taken to sucking his thumb. I fought it for about 2 days, switched his thumb for a pacifier, which he'd take, then i'd go and check on him while he's sleeping and the pacifier is long gone, with his thumb in his mouth. I gave up, it's obvious he likes his thumb, it makes him happy and calm. I have a little fear of thumb sucking since i did it until i was like 11 or 12 and eventually got a thumb guard in my mouth to help me quit, but hopefully he won't be that extreme. Josh's mom babysat him yesterday and did not allow him to suck it and from when i picked him up and all the rest of the night and so far this morning he hasn't, so we'll see! (secretly, it's kind of cute)
This first picture is for my friend Elizabeth who bought Braden this teddy bear blanket, she also bought riley an off white one when she was born that she sleeps with too, so it's pretty special...I stick it between his arms when i put him down to get him used to it :)
See what i mean? Kind of cute right? He goes down for naps sooo easy too, i lay him down when he's fed, tired but still awake, he pops it in and to sleep he goes...we'll see what happens today.
Sunday after church i wanted to take some pictures of them, realized i don't really have pictures of them dressed up for church and this is what i got....Braden saying "Dear Lord, help me now"
Riley was wearing one of my old dresses and i thought she looked so cute and wanted a nice picture of her...well a few shots later and some major bribeing with candy i got one.

We went to visit my Grandma Ruth and had a great time. She always has all the snacks in the world for us and a few little surprises to take home.

***this picture belongs with the other one like it 5 pictures down, but i accidently deleted it and ya, now it's here :)
Watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics
We borrowed this bike trailer from josh's brother and took the kids for a fun ride, Riley was peeved here because braden kept "pushing" her. They had fun on the ride even thought they look sort of miserable here!
Having fun with Oma. She as spinning a draddle(spelling?)and the girls were kicking it down, having a blast.
My nephew, Lucas, playing. He is one of the HAPPIEST babies i know!

Hailey and Riley like to take all the toys out of Oma's cabinet and sit in it, of course riley was being a stinker and wouldn't pose but you can see how cute her cousin Hailey is in the next picture which is the one about 5 above this!

Uncle Taylor and Braden hanging out

P.s. be sure to check out "riley's rantings" on the side of my blog for the wackiest things she's said lately, they are sure to make you laugh and or gasp!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burst of Energy

Braden figured out how to have fun in his jumper thing. He is still wheezy but was acting so happy today :)

Riley's "over here purse"...don't ask me, that's what she named it this morning because it's on her side/back instead of ? i don't know!
first nap of the day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Do I Keep Them Healthy?!

Josh and I took both Riley and Braden to urgent care two nights ago...ya i know, again! Riley had been coughing for about 2 weeks at that point (we took her the week before for her coughing and the dr didnt prescribe anything, just said it was her asthma blah Blah BLAH) but while i was at work this past wed. Braden started wheezing and coughing a bit. So by the time i picked him up it wasn't too bad but wayyyy back when riley had her first "incident" it only got so bad because we waited to take her, so this time josh and i pre-registered with the urgent care(sooo the way to go, it saved us one hour of sitting in the waiting room, we stayed home and ate dinner instead!)
The dr. looked at both of them, gave Braden a breathing treatment which helped, thankfully, a prescription for an inhaler for when/if he gets wheezy and gave them both antibiotics and riley prednisone(oral steroid) for her coughing (it helps with the inflammation of her throat basically) The Dr. said riley's right ear was SLIGHTLY pink, meaning an ear infection was just coming or just passing. Her coughing was again due to her asthma and he wouldn't give her the steroid but it was up to us...so he wrote the prescription for us and let us decide. He gave us orders to have a follow up with their regular ped's dr in about two days...
That brings us to the present. Just got back from their follow up where i found out Riley has PNEUMONIA and a major DOUBLE EAR infection. He left her on the med's the urgent care dr. gave her, said it wasn't his first choice but should work. And he switched the dosage of one of them. Braden he is thinking also has asthma and he gave him some prednisone to help with the wheezing. But said he wouldn't have given him any anitbiotics but now he needs to fnish the TEN day course because he already started them (and he hates the way it tastes, makes my heart hurt a little to give him that 3 x day!)
Needless to say i feel like going to the urgent care here and slapping that dr over the head and say what were you thinking? (and i liked him too! he was nice, i trusted what he said) i'm a bit frustrated...can her "slightly" pink ear turn into a bright red double ear infection and can she develop pneumonia in 1.5 days? maybe, but i doubt it. ALSO i was seen in urgent care a couple weeks ago for sinus stuff and the dr there (a different one) told me it was ok to take sudafed..in his words, no joke "it would just jack up your baby a little bit" now i THINK he meant to say "jack up" as in get him hyper...couldn't tell you for sure though, he was strange, trying to be sweet and nice and out going but ya...good thing i am a bit anal and i called several of my dr's (OBGYN, Ped's and Family practice) to double check and they all said a big fat NO to sudafed while breast feeding. It would of dried up my milk! and the urgent care dr knew i was breast feeding....
I feel like i no longer have faith in this urgent care, and that's too bad because it's so close and convienient.
So, question of the day, week, month, Braden's entire life so far...How do i keep them healthy?! I feed, bath, nap, play, let them get dirty but not too dirty, sing(off pitch and kind of crazy), cuddle, spank, and laugh with them...what am i missing?!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Braden's Thunder

...Thighs that is!
Our little man is one chunker, that's for sure! And i love every thing about it.
Cottage Cheese anyone? hehe, if only he knew what i was posting! The only time in life that it's okay and totally cute to have cellulite alllll over your butt! (and a little roll at the top)
I think it's safe to say my baby is thriving...wouldn't you agree? He was 16.2lbs and 25in. long at his 4 month check up and as healthy as ever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Robyn is...

...This crazy little girl's imaginary friend...When we visited my mom on friday we went to her neighbor's house, Robyn, to say hi. Every since then she keeps talking about Robyn, but the one she talks about is a boy and is always on the ground right next to her. My mom's neighbor is a girl. It's pretty funny, she has little conversations with this robyn and is not afraid to tell you that he is a HE. "I'm chasing Daniel, Robyn." -Riley Me-Riley where is she? Riley-"HE is right here." pointing at the ground. ... whatever floats your boat my dear child!
Working on those muscles.

Takin' a snooze after some hard core playing :)
Super cute. I know. Believe me. No need to tell me and let my head get any bigger!
And last but not least, first time with rice cereal. He liked it i guess, as much as a baby does the first time. He didn't spit any out on purpose at least.