Friday, August 12, 2011

I promise....

A monster sized update is coming soon...oh so soon...i have the itch bad, i mean come on, i need to update from EASTER i just have to find some internet...Emily or Katie...i may be coming over for a late night (kids already tucked in at my house) visit to work on my blog...if you'll have me of course, or i may just come anyway. . .
   But for now, just a LITTLE pregnancy update to keep you interested, maybe? I am 20weeks and 5days along and feel like i look like i am due in about 3rd babies really do just pop on out huh? I keep telling myself it's "ok" to be bigger earlier as long as that doesn't mean i will end up a TON bigger than i did with my two previous pregnancies at the end.  It was nice to have less of the "fat stage" and more right on to the bigger "rounder" stage.
   I've been able to feel the baby move from 12weeks along, but just last week i was able to feel the baby move with my hand!  It was only once every couple days that i could catch a movement with my hand, and josh has been able to once, but the past few days i can feel the baby move multiple times a day with my hand. It makes it so fun to be able to look down and see a quick jerk and just know and dream about what and who is in there.  And with this comes the sleepless nights already-not complaining, as i love it, just saying-the baby moves so much, i wake up a few times a night.
   I have an ultra sound in 6days from now where they will be able to determine the sex of the baby, but once again, we will NOT be finding out...yes, it is sooo hard, but it is sooo fun and so worth it. (not finding out with riley was the absolute hardest) by now, i know the joy of waiting and so it's a very easy decision.
  This time around i feel pretty dang sure this baby is a girl, with riley i had NO CLUE. With braden i didn't have a clue until the end....walking into the hospital:
josh "ok, last chance, is it a boy or a girl?"
jessica "it's a boy." with a little pout on my face.
I knew somehow it was a boy and i was sort of hoping for a girl (just so riley could have a close sister) but ANY healthy baby was more than enough for me.
   For some reason, i just "feel" like it's a girl...i will again be happy with whatever we are blessed with, but i will be down right shocked (as of now) if it's a boy...guess we will be finding out in december...
   We have two girl names picked out, have had them for a few years.  SHE will be Elizabeth (Lizzy from day one) 99.9% sure of this, if for some reason this little girl comes out and does not look like a lizzy she will be a Reese.
  If it's a boy, he will be named Baby Boy Fisher for ever i think, we have NOOOOO boy names we both like, and we really don't eevn have any boy names we like at all! If anyone is bored and wants to comment with suggestions, please do!