Friday, May 6, 2011

The Hair Ball

Taking a shower today i felt my diamond stud pop off my ear and i heard the clink when it hit the bottom of the shower...i instantly put my foot over the drain and turned off the water...not seeing my earing anywhere i knew it went down...good thing i still had the earing back smashed against my earloab with my right hand (who needs their diamond earing when you can have the back?!)
I called to josh-rude awakening at 6am and had him see if he could take the metal drain cover off, i knew there had to be a giant hairball in there because i've never cleaned it out since we moved in. I once pulled on 3hairs that were sticking out and a huge glob of disgusting-ness followed, i was dry heaving and all that. Hair balls are the only thing i can think of to make me so sick like that! I can watch all the trauma shows, i've been into surgery to see tummy tucks...awesome! but hairballs, nope, no can do.
So i just KNEW that there was atleast a chance of my poor earing being stuck in whatever was in there, i hopped into the kids shower to finish and josh came in (my HERO) and said he retrieved my was nestled in a "bigger than a rat" size hair ball.
I love you hair ball.
I accidently saw it in the trash and almost lost it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

update on my disappearing act

We no longer have access to the internet at home...insert big sad face. So i have not had the ability to post way too many pictures of my cute kids doing fun things around the house...
I hope this situation changes asap, until then, just so you know i still read all the blogs on my list daily via my palm and it's really hard to comment that way but i will try harder!
Please be patient with me and trust me-i will catch up as soon as i can.
We have been up to a few fun things..the weather has been nice so we have had a few pool days and lots of "pine cone walks" where riley has recently discovered her love-hate relationship of snails.
Braden is getting so big and hardly ever looks like my little baby anymore. He is saying new words everyday and is so funny and cuddly.
Hope you are all enjoying the nice weather.