Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long Over Due

Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley Riley
It has just been builing up, well, since the day she was born, but more so than ever lately, just how much i love her! She means the world to me. Everyday there is so many new things not only that she learns, repeats or does but just new things that hit me about her that i notice in a way i never have. I love how "my riley":
  • says "Butt" for buttons or her butt
  • randomly will point out and says "shirt"-pointing to hers than "shirt" pointing to mine...same with pants, sock, shoes and any accessories.
  • makes anything and everything into a purse, bracelett, necklace and hat!
  • loves her naps and bed time
  • says AMEN really loud beore whoever is saying the prayer can finish the word "Christ"
  • has the hardest time learning to close her eyes during a prayer...she tries so hard, she diligently squeezes her eyes tight as can be, folds her arms and wiggles, gasps for air and licks her tongue about widly-anything to keep those eyes shut
  • loves baby dolls right now, she feeds them, gives them her drink and pushes them everywhere in the stroller
  • smells flowers
  • is not a picky eater
  • woke up this morning and called for me "MAMMA!" for the first time...she usually just plays in her crib until we get her.
  • will hug me so tight
  • kisses my "boo-boo's"
  • leanred what an "owey" is so now everything hurts all the time.. "owwwww" and when i say, youre okay, she says "i k"
  • gets over being sad, hurt of upset if you simply ask "what happened" she will stop crying and tell you
  • is so smart
  • so pettite
  • poops ALL the time-not so much
  • is so easy going
  • is mine
  • loves me
  • burps
  • farts
  • laughs
  • sings
  • walks
  • runs
  • has hair that curls up so good if i wet it and comb it out
  • has this ridiculous underbite and when we ask her to smile those two bottom teeth stick out like never before
  • squints her eyes shut if we ask her to smile
  • doesn't care that we are so demanding and always ask her to do things "get a diaper and wipe", "smile", "sad face", "surprise face", don't do this and don't do that, come here, go there, etc
  • screams for fun
  • says "no no no no no no" randomly
  • gets her feelings hurt if you tell her no
  • she says "ewwwwww!!!" to anything from a speck of durt to a fly or a toy with a wierd texture
  • loves to read books now
  • does summersaults all on her own-sort of sideways and neck breaking to watch!
  • loves her daddy
  • likes to help mommy wash dishes
  • LOVES (an understatement) bubble baths
  • is 100% her own person

I just love my riley so much. I think the the world would crumble without her. Not to say i never have moments where she drives me nuts, because i certainly do, but than again, she is right there when i'm done being frustrated, lovely as ever. Heavenly Father really knew what he was doing when he gave her to josh and i. I feel beyond blessed to have her in my life and i try to remember this every second of every day. She is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me-josh first, with out him none of this would be possible. I love my husband dearly, he is the best partner i could ask for and the most amazing dad. It doesn't hurt that Riley looks like him...she is my EVERYTHING and i just had to write this down before i burst!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

update extravaganza:beach,dirt bikes, easter, bad baby appt.

Dirt bike riding trip
Backwards of course-what do you expect from me?! but riley was passed out before we were done loading the truck! We know she is really out when her pacifier slips out!On a little ride with mommy
All ready to go!
She loved zippin' around with dad!
Oh ya, her own quad and everything!
So happy to be with uncle taylor!
Beach trip with cousin hailey!
This was cousin hailey's first time to the beach and she LOVED it. she would get mad and cry when her mom put her on a towell...she wanted to be in the sand and near the water!
Learning how to collect sea shells
silly girl!
Her first feel of sand and water...look at the smile!
This was supposed to be for hailey but she didn't like it...riley LOVED it because she could touch the ground and walk all around in the water without losing balance and falling in on her face...she was in this the entire time basically just wandering around.
Baby News
I had my second obgyn appointment this week. Sad to say only TWO good things came of it. I got my actual real due date (the dr was able to decide based on the ultra sound) and from that he was able to tell me exactly how far along i am. My due date is October 12th and that puts me at 14 weeks and 6 days today (4/18/09) So the bad news i received. I have placenta previa...my placenta is resting over my cervix instead of being attached to the uterus wall. I didn't think to ask if it was a complete plancenta previa or just marginal...i was fighting a fever, no sleep, a little shock from the news and pregnancy hormones...he said there is only 5% chance the placenta won't move to the correct spot by the time i deliver, which would result in c-section. So that means there is a 95% chance everything will be JUST FINE! I'm trying to keep this in mind. The dr. didnt' seemed concerned about it at all, i'm supposed to contact him immediatly if i have any bleeding, but other than that he didnt give any special instructions and i wasn't thinking quick enough to ask any questions. so when i got home i looked it up online and tried to refresh what i knew from nursing school. I think it's much more concerning of a situation than he is acting...but i'll just have to take it one day at a time. I just wish there was something i could do to help it like stand on my head a few times a day to ensure it moves! i know a c-section is not the end of the world, but having a regular delivery is amazing, and to miss that opportunity would be heart breaking to me. Then the second bad thing that happened-keep in mind i was feverish, tired, hormonal-the dr was listening for the heart beat and couldn't find it at first, it seemed like forever and i was starting to get realllyyyy nervous...he finally found it and made some DUMB comment "oh, haha i thought i was going to send you to redlands community to get an ultrasound right now" ya NOT FUNNY. my dr is not on my good side right now...he is a nice guy and he was recommended from the obgyn i had with riley but because of insurance could not have again this time...but he is just not the type of guy that is easily concerned and i dont like that! anyway. I suppose everything is fine for now. Just a little update!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beast Update...

Although i call this baby "the beast" and that doesn't sound like the sweetest most loving term, be sure to know that it is out of love that i came up with this nickname, it just stuck :)
The baby is doing good as far as i'm aware. There have been a few times that i thought i could feel the baby move but i was never quite sure if it was a weird stomach twitch or what, knowing that i'm not all that far along made me doubt it too. But at work last week i was faxing some papers and definetly felt two little bump bumps that left me with NO doubt in my mind what and who that was.
At my first OBGYN appointment the dr thought i was about 13.5 weeks pregnant (3 weeks ago) but he was not sure so he sent me for an ultra sound to find out. The ultra sound tech said the baby looked about 11 weeks along, that was one week ago. So i'm excited for my dr. appointment next week to see if he came up with a real due date yet! So for now i can say i am somewhere between 12 and 16.5 weeks along (big difference).
The belly circa 3 months...starting to poke out... enough to notice...i kept thinking for sure it would be twins but the utlra sound only showed one baby.
I'm having technical difficulties getting the two ultra sound pictures loaded...i'll post them asap