Monday, November 23, 2015


 I got an itch to throw a costume party this year for some reason! I am not the best entertainer but it was sooo fun and easy hosting all adults! Everyone brought something to share so we ended up with too much good food, we got a bon fire going and had some awesome costumes!
 Josh was Dexter
And i was super creepy clown....
My favorite part was when someone knocked on our door, i would sneak out the back and around to the front and sneak up behind the people knocking! It only really scared one person good but that was so worth it!

 I also made this backdrop/photo op which turned out to be a hit!

 I made these cute little trophys for best costume and best couple costume!
Best costume went to Doug as a vampire
And best couple went to Willy Wonka and his Oopma Loompa

Riley wanted to be "Moses' mother" this year...the rule at her school is that you can only wear a costume to school if it is a story book character sooo since Moses' mother was in the bible it worked!
She wanted me to make her costume this year...i did it pretty simple since i don't really know how to sew but it was fun for both of us and she was happy with the final outcome!
Max wanted to be a scary ghost, Braden wanted to be a knight but i got him a gladiator costume-that did not go over well! Reese was a ballerina and riley egyptian princess/Moses' mother
 The ward halloween party was fun, our three families decorated the primary room pretty spooky and had six different cauldrons of gross things to feel like brains, witches ears and eye balls!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Riley's Baptism October 24th 2015

Riley is baptized!
I made it clear to her that she did not have to make this choice, and that it was up to her.
She decided she really wanted to baptized!
My friend graciously took some pictures of Riley in her white dress for me otherwise i would've ended up using my cell phone and these came out SOOO great!

This is Riley's favorite picture with this cool tree in the back ground
 She was beyond excited to get some shoes with a little heel on them!

The day went perfectly.
The room was set up for us, Oma made riley a white towell with a CTR emblem on it to dry off after she was baptized.  The room was packed! So so many friends and family members came to support Riley, it really meant a lot to her and me and josh.

Oma played piano for us. Reese helped...
Riley asked Shelley if we would give the talk on Baptism and shelley did a great job!
She knows how crafty and creative riley loves to be so she made this whole laminated object lesson about a rainbow for riley and each color represents part of her baptismal covenant!
She asked Opa to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and he did a wonderful job.
These are all the men that surrounded Riley as she was given the gift of the holy ghost and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Oma and Opa
Josh and I with our 8 year old!!
Grancy and Papa came and Grancy gave the opening prayer
Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Judi 

Carrie came!
Riley loved having Alexander and Isabella here, such good friends.

The songs she chose.
It was a beautiful day and went so smoothly.  I didn't get as emotional as i thought i might but i was just so proud of her making this choice on her own, i am so happy that at 8 years old she is already striving to know the truth and figure out what life is about.  I am so grateful for this church and what it will mean to Riley growing up.  She will have good fighting chance against the evils of this world with Christ so close by and with the Holy Ghost as her constant companion.  She will learn and be reminded proper standards that her Heavenly Father would want her to live to remain virtuous. She will be surrounded by friends and family who are trying each day to be more like Christ and will support her in those efforts.  She will learn how to let her light shine which will enable her to let others feel of the love Christ has for them.