Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 weeks ALREADY?!

I'm half way there and LOVING IT. I'm at such a good part of pregnancy, "the beast" wakes me up each morning between 7-7:30 to just play. I love laying there and watching my stomach jolt and jump and wobble. This baby moves and moves and moves it's so much fun, i constantly have my hand on my stomach feeling the movements and when i can i lay on my back and just watch them-yep, i've been able to SEE the movements for a couple weeks now-so cool! I'm still feeling great, full energy, no complications!
I left my markers out and riley being so girl decided it was lipstick :) -don't mind the crazy hair and face-she had an eye infection and was a little under the weather
One of her favortie past times, that drives me nuts, is going into our pantry and pulling out all of our plastic utensils...i caughter her sticking a spoon in each side of her pants, it was so funny to sneak and watch
It looks like it's blue under the top shelf but it's just a shadow-this is my side, the first side he is putting in...not quite done, but looking good!
He's so awesome, he literaly measured my shirts, dresses,skirts and shoes so i can have a double bars to hang all my stuff and fit perfectly and a spot for my shoes, purses etc!
Hard to see but this is our closet, josh painted all white and then the four corners stick out to cover air ducts or something so we painted them blue to match our's a small closet, and when you are married to josh you need a HUGE closet so he is building some custom shelves, he's the best ever!

The growing belly, i'm seriously starting to wonder if it's twins haha, i laugh about it but i really wouldn't be 100 percent shocked...i just feel like this baby is so big already compared to my last pregnancy. i haven't gained very much at all, just the shape and feel of my stomach is so much more mature already. AND the baby already already gets by my ribs, not to the point where it wiggles in and takes my breath away, but i can feel some pressure by my ribs. It's fine with me, it's been fun having a shorter "fat stage" and i'll have a longer "round belly" stage.

That's all for now, hope everyone is enjoying the amazing weather!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Any Ideas?

My best friend is having her bridal shower this weekend...more of an engagement party i guess since it's going to be a co-ed, pool party. FUN! I'm supposed to come up with at least one fun game...i have a few ideas, one i LOVE but it's really short. So i was wondering if any of you guys had ideas for me :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

4month pictures!

I had my second check up today. Everything is good, the dr said i had "a good size belly" as he was listening to the heart beat. He said it seriously, so i got the feeling he meant a good side uterus (or something) not like a chubby tummy type of comment... ? who knows. anyway, he found the heart beat right away this time, didn't even have to move the thing around to find that was exciting! The nurse said i am 18 weeks and 6 days today but from the way i count i am 18 weeks and 3 days...i meant to take these four months pictures on the 5th of this month but got these are close enough. My belly is getting bigger, i love laying flat on my back you can really see a baby bump! I've been feeling this baby move for over a month and for the past week or so i could feel it on the outside with my hand and josh finally was able to the other night :) i love pregnancy!!! I feel like i've been on speed the past two days. I'm finally back up to 110% energy and i've been running around doing everything there is to do. cleaning blinds, laundry, exerscing, playing with Riley, running erands, cooking!

4.5 months

18 weeks and 3 days

Mother's day at my cousin's house

Riley did so great in the pool, she loved it all even being dunked

She finally says "2,3" instead of just "2"-we're working on the "1"

Cousins Hailey and Maile
Play Dates
Cousins Maddy and Morgan playing with riley in her new found hiding spot
The girls enjoyed the sprinkler more than i thought they would
Morgan finally sat down in the water-it was pretty cold water!
Defninetly my child-such a water baby-thank goodness!
Riley's cousin's, Maddy and Morgan, came over to play in her little pool and sprinkler

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i LOVE summer

Summer to me is just HOT HOT HOTNESS, sun, water, the outdoors, did i mention the warm weather? Put all these together and you get one very happy Jessica.
Riley and i went out of town yesterday to have a play date with a few friends we haven't seen in awhile...i didn't get any pictures but it was a fun day. I think riley enjoys being around other kids! (instead of just boring ol' mom) Riley and i spent the night at my mom's who lives in the same city we were in and had a lot of fun going out to dinner and just hanging out with "grancy and pa-pa". The next morning, riley and i got up really early and grancy made us some delicous pancakes! (after they had a make-up session in the bathroom) We washed both cars afterwards and then packed up our stuff...we then met a few friends at this AMAZING little water park. I'm so jealous of it, we need something like this by our house, i'd be there everyday. It's right next to the regular park and it's free. It's the type of water park where the water shoots out of the ground and it was a blast! Riley love, love, LOVED it! If i was rich-correction-when i'm a LOADED one day, i'm going to have one of these built in my back yard :) You guys are all welcome to come over and play. Until then the hose and a little plastic pool will do.
Quick baby update
The beast is doing fabulous as far as i know. He-did i just say that? i still have a feeling it's a boy, we'll see! anyway, the baby is moving SO much, i love feeling it. It started quite a few weeks ago, but it was just be one small movement than nothing for a few days, now it's several times a day. I'm really starting to love being pregnant. I wake up with a HUGE burst of energy-i've been feeling so "creative" lately-this can be scary! but by 5pm i'm toast. I'm starting to show-most people don't say so but i think they are being polite, i can definetly still hide the baby bump if i wanted but most of my shirts are snug so you can tell there is something growing in there! People keep asking if we will find out the sex or not this time around and the answer is no. At first i was hoping the ultra sound tech would mess up and accidently tell us, but i'm so excited not to know again this time. It really is a "win win" situtaiton. If it's a girl, awesome, riley will have a sister! If it's a boy, awesome, something new! As far as the placenta previa, still no bleeding or anything so i guess it's going well. Keep your eyes open, it's almost time for "month #4" belly shots.
Oh man she is getting big! Compare this picture to Riley's "profile" picture on the right side of my blog...crazy!
Hailee and Joselin playing with riley
the amazing water park, riley was so brave, she loved it all-i did have to kind of shove her in at first :)

Make-up session with grancy