Friday, September 12, 2014



My sweet boy deserves his own post. He brought me to tears the other day. He reminded me that even though josh and I do not parent perfectly and have a lot to learn, we must be doing some things right. 

Each day at school Braden and his classmate start the day with their clip on "green". The clip can move up (good behavior) or down (poor behavior) throughout the day to different levels/different rewards&consequences. 

If you move up one color to purple (hard to do) you get to pick from the treasure box. This is the most sought after thing in Braden's day-to-day lately. 

Well, when he got home from school he told me he got to chose from the treasure box. He was so exited and proud (as was I!) when I asked him what he picked he went on to say he saw "Angry Bird" stickers and knew Cody (his cousin) LOVES Angry Birds. So he picked those stickers and gave them to Cody after school. 

Sigh! If that doesn't make a mom smile
ear to ear, pull her kid close and hold back tears I don't know what would. 

To know he works so hard to "move up" to purple and is so disappointed all the days he doesn't, and then when he finally does he thinks of his friend other then himself! What a good good, sweet loving boy!

(we are NOT going to talk about the bratty fit he threw the very same day  though.)