Thursday, July 23, 2009

Placenta previa? No thank you, NOT ME!

I had my appointment today, i'm just about 29 weeks, more importantly only 11 to go, he said my placenta has moved up real high and out of the way. Words cannot express the joy i feel !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 months!!!

I'm six months. 27 weeks and 3 days to be exact! I'm feeling good, big, but good. My tummy is definetly sticking out there, some people say i still look small-they have to be trying to be polite because there is no way i'm small. I may not be huge, but come on, i have 3 THREE 1.2.3 more months to go! How much bigger is this baby going to get?! ...No complications so is great! I really do enjoy being pregnant after getting passed the sickness part of it. Sure it's a little harder to bend over, get up and off a nice comfy couch and things of that nature, but what is there not to love? It still amazes me that there is a little baby, our little baby, growing inside of me. I can't wait for so many things....Move riley to her big girl room, get out all the teeny-tiny baby clothes again, feel SOME labor pains (most likely not all of them-thanks to epidurals-we shall see), find out if this is a girl or boy? Will the baby look like a Brayden or Kole? Reese or Reagan? I can't wait to see what the baby's face looks like and to hold it's little body, and look at it's toes and fingers :) I'm just so excited, i know this baby needs more time in me, and that is just fine, i'm loving every second of it. Until then, i have so many girls in the family that are due before me, i'm also so excited to see their cute little faces and to hold them. Hopefully that will tide me over until i can hold my own.
My belly button isn't poking out but it's definetly not sunk in either. I officially don't have an inny or an outy. What do you call that? An "inbetweeny"?!

Had to do one silly face...look at the way it was shaped.hehe.

Helping me style!

Our vegas trip. What can i say. Josh and i had a blast. The hotel part wasn't as great as i thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, the room was KILLER. but the rest was ehhh. Josh and i had so much fun just being together. I don't really know if he felt the same way, but i felt like we were just a lot "closer" on this trip than we are able to be at home. We laughed more, talked more, etc. We had so much fun eating out, shopping and we even got to see "O" at the Bellagio...amazing! It's performed by cirque du solei but it's all in water...oh my gosh. you all have to go see that. It was about 2 hours long and entertaining the entire time. It amazes me to know that our bodies can do such things. i want to be in the circus now :) Leavning Riley was as bad as i thought it would be. Driving away from her physically hurt. It's a wierd feeling to describe. Than the entire time we were there it wasn't as if i couldn't go on without her, it was just a little depressing, i felt that part of me was missing. We were able to do so much because we didnt have her with us, at the same time Josh and I were always saying "Riley would of loved this" or we would be imitating what little phrases riley would of been saying if she'd seen a certain sight etc. I don't regret leaving her, but i'm really excited to take her on a fun family vacation soon.
This is josh in his kind of candy shop...The Tourneau shop. It made it into the Guinness book of world records for being the biggest watch shop in the entire world!!! 3 stories big. It was pretty amazing.
It was hard to take a good picture but this is the living room. Two couches and a flat screen, pretty cozy.
The master bedroom, nice big bed, also had a flat screen.
Attached to the living room was this full kitchen and breakfast nook. That was nice to have, although we didn't sit and eat there, it was nice to have all the kitchen stuff!
I didnt get very good pictures of the bathroom, but it was a nice walk in shower with two shower heads and plenty of room for two people, josh fell in love with it, so hopefully one day we can build our own! Now connected to our master bedroom was that shower and counter with two sinks. with a door. You can shut it to make it just the master bathroom. And on the other side was another full bathroom, toilet, shower-tub and sinks...for the guests to use. It was a very comfy room. The parts we weren't impressed with was the pool-it was just normal, not something cool you'd expect at a resort, a small jacuzzi, luckily it wasn't crowded. The time share presentation thing went for 3 hours instead of 1, they ended up being super annoying halfway through (we excepted some of that)but finally josh and i go a little bold and said "hey, we are not interested.period. we dont' like this, this and that. we only have one more day here and want to go." It was worth the basspro gift cards that we got though :) We wish we had more time to enjoy all the sites but it was so nice to get home to riley! I ran in and picked her up and said "I missed you!" (expecting her to say the same-she's been starting to do this on her own when josh and i get home from work 'miss you') but no, what did that little turkey look at me and say "No miss you" it sort of broke a chunk of my heart but i laughed, she went right to josh and said "miss you" That girl...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm smoothering her and i LOVE it

Josh and i are taking off this thursday for our vegas get away...I'm super excited to spend 3 days with just him and no responsibilites! We get to drive there and do whatever we want on the way, when we get there and on the way home! Like i said i plan on laying out and he wants to golf other than that we are going to sleep in, walk around and enjoy the night life! CAN'T WAIT! anyway, the flip side of this is no riley for all those 3 days and 2 nights. I'm already going crazy with the thought of it, i've never left her, even for one night! As the trip gets closer i get crazier and crazier about her. I've really been smoothering her. Instead of saying, "okay, go play by yourself for a little" when i'm too tired or bored to play what she wants to, i throw her on the floor and get into a huge kissing and tickling match. I've been chasing her around, taking her to the park, on walks, etc etc etc. And i love it. I need to do this all the time not just when i fear losing her! I'm just so afraid i'm going to be so sad the whole time without her. I know she will be just fine, which helps me a lot, but i just love her to pieces and the thought of not seeing her for 3 days jsut kills me. I jokingly told josh we should just bring her and that i didn't have kids to just up and leave them when i wanted to go on vacation, which is so true! ANYWAY the smoothering has been good, i'm definetly not spoiling her just loving her up. man i'm going to miss her, it hurts my heart just writing about it...who could of thought you'd ever be so attatched to someone?
I had a dr appointment today...he didn't say anything about the last ultra sound, so i don't know if i'm still placenta previa or not, and i forgot to ask! I will update pictures soon :) Enjoy all the pictures from the past couple weeks...
The set parents invited us to sleep in the trailor but we wanted to go "camping" so we stayed in the tent. Riley did just fine, went to bed without us while we roasted smores. Slept most of the night, only josh woke up about 30 times to re-cover her :)
dutch oven "chicken stacks". makes my mouth water just to think about it

Enjoying the camp site
On a little night walk
Monte "pa-pa" and Mom "grancy"
hammin' it up with "grancy"
Red White and Blue...her socks say red white and cute :)
The mountains really were beautiful, it was SO hot. my stomach looks like a big red tomato...ouch!
Have you seen a cooler boat? All decked out with a tower to get in prime shooting position
She took a nice lonnnnggg those
My stud...He was the only one to catch a fish...catch? no SHOOT one with a BOW AND ARROW on the 4th
In order, from the right, Lisa, my sister in law due july 24, than katie, my cousin in law, due august, Stacy also a cousin in septemeber and me in october! They are all having boys...which means we really luck out either way with ours. a sister for riley or a boy for all his cousins!
Riley didn't care for the fireworks this year, she didnt' cry but she looked wary and she kept saying "scurry"
My new sport...EXTREME STROLLERING....yes i know i look like a dork but i haven't quite figured out the proper attire for such a sport...the most extreme it got is when i ran into a cyote...scary!
She asked for cake one day. I have no idea where she got the idea, but we made one! She only wanted one piece out of the whole thing over a week period, but she wakes up every morning and says "cake"...cracks me up!
This floaty is the BEST-walmart-she can completely be on her own in the pool with NO HELP, which is exactly what she demands
Posing with her new hand-me-down adoroable cowboy boots-don't worry she didn't wear them with the dress, just around the house a little!

It's insane how much this baby moves. I lose so much sleep over it...but i love it all the same...i told josh we have to name him the next karate kid "daniel son" This video shows a little of the action, i'll try to get a better one