Monday, August 10, 2009

30 weeks and other 'going on's' in the fisher home

Well, here you have it. This is me and "the beast" (which hasn't been so beasty lately) at 30 weeks. Not much has changed, besides getting bigger, still feeling good, a little harder to bend over, just those sort of things :)
why it looks so "boxy" i have no clue, but i was cracking up after josh took this picture. i thought it would look totally round, but nope...p.s. the "inbetweeny" belly button thing is now officially half of an outy, the top half is popped out most of the day!
My friend Jennifer said she need to practice her photography so i of course offered up riley...why she says she needs to "practice" i have no idea, she is awesome! Riley did so great, she was totally patient with all the wardrobe changes i made her do and a few different hairstyles...she wasn't has naturally smiley as one might hope but she was content the entire time. If we asked her to smile she gladly sported her cheesiest, so we have a good mixture of cheese and all serious faces here

Last but not least, Riley's very first BARBIE! She played with one at a cousin's house and was so into it! That week i found this barbie for $2.40, i couldn't pass up that price and look how happy she is! She really loves her barbie and likes to make it do everything...become an airplane, take a nap, she likes to "help her walk" etc. so fun to see my baby grow up!