Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just four more full days!

YES! one second passed midnight this saturday i will be free to eat chocolate, gold fish, icecream, whatever i want! yahoooooo. But the important thing is i feel like i've learned a lot from this month of no junk etc. The biggest thing i learned about myself is that out of this entire month, so far-minus these last few days-i really only craved chocolate or something on that sweet level really really really really really bad, like i wanted to pull my hair out bad, ONCE! that's it. There were other times of course that those things sounded good, but since i knew i wasn't going to eat them, they never even really turned into a craving. I really hope that when february roles around i can remember this and wait to eat chocolate and junk only in those moments of desperation, and then it will truely be a treat, the way it's supposed to be! So, all is going well with the resoltution and i love the simple exercises (push ups, sit ups and abb wheels) i do each morning so much i'm going to continue those on through the rest of mylife i hope! they only take like maye 4 min. tops and they make you feel so great :)
Enough of this chit-chat, on to the good stuff, pictures:
Doesn't need a title, her favorite dinner now, and when josh gave her a bath, he thought her ears were bledding. nope! just sauce coming out of them :)
Gotta love the new winter coats from grandparents

My mom was taking a few pictures of Riley in her christmas dress since it was mine when i was her age



She never actually made it through. She got her body half way out then came back in and put her feet first and got half way, then left it alone.

A girl after her mom's heart, falling asleep on the couch to a movie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

one week down just three more to go!

Today is the 7th day of my 31 day new year's resolution. I thought i'd let you all know how it's going. Well, it's a lot easier than i thouht it would be, actually. The first day i had a HUGE headache, i felt a little dehydrated but i think it was lack of chocolate! The next day, my headache was still there but very minor. The begining half of the week i struggled with wanting sweets all the time, but for a couple days now i only struggle after dinner. YAY! i feel like i'm making some defnite progress. I KNOW i made some kind of progress when i met josh for lunch and we got sandwhiches, everyone got chips but me and it was ok. At first i was licking my lips looking at the chips, but when lunch was over and i realized i survived quite easily i was quite proud of myselft and it made me realize that eating healthy is actually not that hard at all. You just have to get it in your head that eating healthy is what you want to do. I think it's been easy for me because i know for certain that i am not allowing my self those certain things for all of january so i guess my mind is learning to not waste time wanting it. In between meals i'm still in the habit of snacking on stuff, i'm trying to break this habit, so i'm trying to cut down the amount of snacking, i don't want to cut out snacking entirely but i know i do it too much! After dinner when i'm craving something sweet i have a couple honey wheat pretzles which usually does the trick, it doesnt' feel like it at the time but once my craving passes i'm happy! (riley ate some mini M&M's and i made her come give me a hug so i could smell the chocolate in her mouth! haha) OH, one bummer so far. The first part of the week, i was craving junk so much and obvisously not having it that when meal times rolled around i would like double of on all my food to try to fill me up, so i ended up gaining a little weight but all my exercising has kicked in and i'm down a little from where i started now. My body just needed a few days to adjust i suppose!
What i'm really craving is Ohana's frozen yogurt in redlands with tons of mini M&M's mixed in! meet you all there on feb.1st?!