Friday, September 14, 2012

Our house just got a little busier

Max started standing up to everything a couple weeks ago! It is very cute and fun to see him exploring everything better and seeing him grow.
It does give me more to do now, I'm constantly picking up whatever he topples over (kiddie kitchen chairs, our bin of recycled cans and bottles, etc) and I'm also busy kissing away all his owies!
Max is getting soooo big and I'm keep falling in love with him!

Riley's first day of school

Riley was so ready for school and I'm so glad she made the kindergarten cutoff by about a week or so. She wasn't really nervous at all, I think she was anxious to experience all the unknowns she'd been hearing about. Her class room, her teacher, playground, rules, schedule, friends/classmates, etc
I started a new tradition this year (completely inspired by Stephanie Nielson from the nienie dialogues) I let Riley pick her dinner and dessert and I had plans to make it pretty dang fancy. It was to be her "you are amazing" back to school dinner. Unfortunately about 1000house around ours all lost power so we headed to my mother inlaws to put some of our food in her extra freezer.
Riley picked BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and smoothies or water.
My mother in-law came to the rescue and whipped up the dinner, josh made the smoothies, and I got to work trying to make this a special dinner. I wrapped her chair in white Christmas lights, made sure her smoothie was In a fancy cup and made her a crown to wear at dinner.
I made sure to tell her over dinner that she is amazing and can do anything she wants. That she was going to have a great, fun, happy school year and that she would learn so much!
It was a great start to a new tradition. I forgot to do like nienie dialogues and present a family theme for the year, I will be sure to next year!
The dinner was a hit!
The next day Riley was ready and excited for school, I walked her in, we explored the classroom and she was told to pick a seat and do whatever activity was at that table. I asked her if she was ready for me k leave and she said "yes!" with NO hesitation. I didn't cry, I am so excited to see her start this new chapter of life!
It is amazing to see my first baby now a kindergartner.