Friday, October 2, 2015


My mom came over to visit! it was her first time coming over on her own since last christmas! So happy she is feeling better these days, i need my momma!
Max was so excited that she was there when he got out of speech class and got to meet his teacher, he was so proud!
He and reese got all her attention until we picked braden up from school and then until Riley came home.  My poor mom was probably so exhausted, those kids love her and talked to her the entire time!
I happened to be canning pears that day and got to teach my mom how to do it.
Katie and I took shadow for a run and sent Shelley a picture!
On Memorial Day we met up with a couple friends at White Water Preserve in the morning for a little hike before he went to Max and Lynne's house for swimming
Incredible weather! Love that this is just minutes from our house
Another Hot storm!
Riley has to memorize her multiplication facts this year and so every time we passes a number set off i give her a little reward (we made a chart for it) for 1's she got a high five because those are just plain easy haha
but for 2's she got to go out with just me and her and get an ice cream, she chose a frozen drink from starbucks...its was so fun to sit on the patio with her and just talk and watch her giggle as we played truth or dare and just talked about life!
We love the bounce house that my brother bought riley for her 2nd birthday! we have kept really good care of it and take it out just sometimes so it stays exciting for the kids
All the kids LOVE that daddy can flip his eye lids, they request it often and laugh so hard! But reese actually let him do it to her and she LOVED it!
My sweetie pie!
Lynne and Max took Braden and Lucas home from a party and when i went to pick them up they were passed out on the couch like this!
Max's newest back yard adventure, tree climbing! he can get about the very top and is pretty dang good!
I found reese just hanging out in the pantry one day, silly girl
I took out our glass play tea set and the kids had fun pouring water all over the place
Braden lost his first tooth! He was such a wuss about wiggling it! The adult tooth was growing in behind and Braden just didn't enjoy wiggling the baby tooth hard enough to get it out, it was wiggly for over a month i think! Finally i kind of tackled him and got it out! he was not happy about it but loved the silver half dollar he received from the tooth fairy!
We had our annual Relief Society Retreat up in running springs again this year and it was sooo nice!
It was a blast just hanging out with so many friends, staying up late, pulling pranks, marshmellow fights, and junk food.
I was on the planning committee this year and we worked hard all year on the details so we could have an enjoyable 24 hours and it paid off!
We had three INCREDIBLE speakers speak to us on the love God has for us and remind us of our worth to Him.
I already can't wait for next year.
Reese's newest "mad" face
Braden HATES homework.  It is super easy stuff, and doesn't take long unless he whines and cries about it, which he does every day! It's like torture to him.  
After a few weeks of this i finally figured out what works for him!
He does his homeowork in the morning while i'm packing lunches so that he can look forward to coming home from school and not having to do any! So excited we figured out a way he doesn't whine about it!
"I a baby" -Reese
While max is in speech each Wednesday Reese and i walk around the parking lot and baseball field near by because we only have 20 minutes until we have to go get max again
Hailey had her birthday party at skytown and max and easton got to battle it out!
All the cousins who were there
Reese is still obsessed with her babies and loves to watch them nap
My mom and i had to celebrate her blood work coming back normal!!!
We met at the mall and had a girls night
Braden turned 6 and woke up to streamers in his doorway which he was super happy about!
He requested skate park picnic lunch
And we went to john's incredible pizza for dinner as a family, and Oma met us there.
Afterwards we went to a big Halloween store where reese kept picking out super creepy masks to try on!
Family photo
We are deep into soccer season and my mom got a great action shot of Riley!
I still love watching them play but they are both getting less aggressive, bored with it maybe?
They day of Bradens birthday party My mom and step dad came to visit a little

Braden wanted a party this year and i HATE throwing parties but did it for him....he was happy with some simple decore.
He had about 10 little friends over-all boys-we played games, ate pizza, fruit and chips, had juice boxes and cake! He loved it and so did i! i can totally handle parties with JUST kids.  I realized a lot of my stress comes from trying to impress kids AND parents at the same time...this was really fun and braden had a blast with all his buddies there.
haha Reese putting on her pants!

Reese talking sooo much this month! We can understand a lot of it but because she now knows what she is saying all the time she gets frustrated when we cant understand her.
Reese loves candy and asks for it all the time, she is simply obsessed with it! 
If we tell Reese "No" or give her an answer she wasn't expecting she often asks "why?" seems funny coming from such a small baby
I finished up my turn teaching preschool this month and max doesn't really care for it.  he sits and listens and does the crafts but would just rather not being doing it at all haha i hope he is good for the other teachers but i am so excited to be "free" for the rest of the year and have some one on one time with reese twice a week!

Max started saying something SO Funny this month that i never want to forget...
He was playing and Reese kept messing up his toys and stealing them and wouldn't play how he wanted, she was just being a big pest and he came to me and said, "Mom, i wish you never bought that baby from the store!"  He and Reese really do get along very well but there are times of course, where they bug each other and he often comes running to me and says "mom, you wish you didn't buy that baby?" and ill say "no, i love reese so much!" and he says "not me, i wish you didn't buy her"  hahaha.  He even said it once about josh when josh wouldn't give him something he wanted.

Riley is doing good in school but told me one night that when its time to leave school she starts to get a stomach ache.  and i asked her if i packed her too much for lunch and she said no that it feels like she is forgetting something but can't remember what.  my poor baby! that broke my heart! Third grade has been a big change in the sense that the teacher, although wonderful and great just isn't as lovey-dovey as her past teachers and is purposefully teaching them to be very independent and responsible.  There is quite a bit more expected of them this year while still having some fun in the class..but she has to remember to bring her chapter book home each day, her water bottle and lunch pail and coat if she had one.  If she doesn't bring her chapter book home she gets in trouble because she has to read it at night at part of her when she told me that her stomach was hurting i felt so bad for her! i explained to her that she was feeling stress and how to deal with it.  I made her a list on a index card to keep in her desk and look at at the end of the day it said...1:take a deep breath 2.chapter book 3.water bottle 4. back pack 5. smile  it seems to be helping and i learned to not get to frustrated if she forgets something!

Family Pictures

A bit out of order but in August we had our friend take our family was just what you would expect...max wouldn't cooperate at first and then when he started behaving Reese lost it...braden wouldn't let us roll up his sleeves for the look i wanted and on and on...but we got enough good ones so i was happy!
Here were some of our favorites

The kids were completely melted down at this point.  I had one picture idea i really wanted our photographer to try and capture and of course the kids couldn't handle it! i was so bummed, but it made for a funny picture i guess