Wednesday, January 15, 2014


January was a busy month. We did lots of things INSIDE. I don't even dare look out the window if the weather is below 75degrees!

***Reese's first laugh for josh was at 12weeks 2days and may have been the cutest thing I've ever heard! ***

Here is proof I do let my kids wander outside occasionally though...Max figured out how to blow bubbles and not just dump them out 
Play date with cousins Nathan and Lydia and of course Caiden (who I babysit 5days a week)

My mom taught Max to use scissors (because she is crazy!) and she is super nice and thinks that Even though he is fisher #3 he should still learn things...
Braden likes to do "homework" sometimes while riley does hers
Riley has a lot of homework but usually does it without too much complaining
The many faces of Reese!
She is a big time thumb sucker...I fought it for awhile and tried all different types of pacifiers but none stuck. It is very convieneint this thumb!
The kids and I LOVE library time
And going to the park...
We had Christmas at my dad's in January after he recovered mostly. Uncle Matt "knuckle head" was making Reese smile...or vise versa...
Eating at the kids table.  
We got a babysitter for Max and planned to surprise the kids with a hockey game (and meeting up with our friends there) but the game was sold out. We salvaged the night with their first time bowling. They had such a good time!

Riley and I made these perler bead hearts for her class for valentines day
Max snuck a lick or two of his sucker to Reese when I wasn't looking! Luckily braden told me.
Braden loved to hit everything with that sword and finally broke it one say hitting the bushes outside. Boys will be boys!
My mom was determined to make Reese laugh but I think I was the only one laughing hahaha I love my goofy mom!

Earlier in the week I let Max and Caiden sit in the car portion of the cart and told Braden he could next time...well this was the next time and he got ripped off! Riley thought if was hilarious. 
Visit to my grandma...reese looks like a baby sumo wrestler here. 
Grandpa Jeff
Reese got a cold over the weekend and I took her to see her dr on a her on some meds
by tuesday night we were in the pediatric ER. Stayed there for 14hours under observation before they admitted her for 3more days. 
We had been in the ER about 4 hours when josh called saying he had to being Braden in for breathing problems...he was released a few hours later after some meds
She was all smiles the day I brought her in. Followed by a sad sad day, I could not get her to smile once, she looked as if she felt defeated. It broke my heart. 
feeling better
Diagnosis. Bronchiolitus and most likely RSV 
My mom came twice to visit and hold Reese
Josh's parents came once to bring me dinner and love on Reese.  I love this sweet picture. 

We had so many people offering to help
In every way while i was stuck at the hospital. We sure are blessed!
  January ended with everyone happy and pretty healthy. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bedroom switcharoo and new(ish) beds!

    Josh's parents gave us the bunk beds that josh and most of his brothers used growing up when they moved to their new house. They are old but surprising in ok shape and only needed some work to make them nice again...
   I helped some but josh did most of the work sanding down the frames and re-staining them. 
    We have switched each of our kids out of cribs into "big kid beds" (twin beds) when they turned two. So it was Max's turn!
   On new years day while the boys were napping we shuffled the crib to Riley's room (and a few toys over to the boys room) officially taking apart the "nursery" (I'm still in denial) and set up the bunk bed frames. We are going to keep them separate until the boys are older and more responsible to have them stacked. 
   When they woke up from their nap we brought them in thinking atleast Max would be super impressed...wrong! First he was so tired he just stood in the door way then when he did go in he just started to play with his tools (that's he has had forever) ignoring the new beds! How funny! Then he finally got happy and climbed on his and pulled the blanket over him. Braden liked his new bed and thinks its cool their are cubbies by the head board to put some toys in. 
   Before:...our nursery...turned boy/nursery...turned big boy room (tear)
Last time in his crib...
The surprise unveiled:
The room isn't decorated yet but beds are in and all is well. 
Max has done much better with the transition from crib (jail) to his free and non caged bed...i thought it would be too much freedom for him. But one week in and he normally gets out 2-3 times before he decides it's not worth the spankings and stays in bed and sleeps. 
  Braden is a good big brother and good example at night staying in his bed with no fooling around. 
    Riley is excited to share her room with Reese but gets a little frustrated when she feels Reese's stuff is "taking over". 
   Reese still sleeps with me but could easily sleep with Riley since Reese sleeps from 8:30pm to 7am. I just like her by me. 
   Riley's room before:
And after:
Obviously not decorated yet but yoi get the idea!
   Our kids are growing up and it is happening MUCH too fast.