Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Favorite Sister....

Yes! This is her! :D

<3, Crusty =]]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's a sunny day!

Therefor i'm motivated to get things done...first things first, new blog post.
Not too much new around here, just normal life and what not.
constant dress up

 B-man kickin' back at dinner
 So this is braden's new thing. when i tell him to smile for the camera he shuts his eyes, not to be funny, he thinks that is what he is supposed to do. so pretty much all my pictures of him from the past month have his eyes shut, pretty funny
 Notice, eyes shut again, but smiling
 Riley got an awful stomach flu for a few days. It totally wiped her out. I found her like this during nap time, fast asleep.
 We let our kids play in the cupboards because first it was cute (now annoying but since we allowed it, it's more annoying to stop then let it continue you, ya know?) and braden has lately gotten a little more creative then pulling the pans out...
 Braden about 17months
 Riley about 9.5 months (she was quicker to find the fun i guess)
 Braden learning to drink from a real cup...he did good but got bored and poored it on his pants after this.
 and it finally snowed!  piles and piles right? i'm glad we went out before church to play while it lasted, the kids had fun, i took a few pictures then watched from the entry way where it was warm :)
 Braden's favortie toy...we have a kid set of mop and broom, he carries them everywhere to mop and whack people in the head
hope everyone is enjoying the sun today!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ricky was "L" but he's home with the flu,
Lizzie, our "O" ad some homework to do,
Mitchell, "E" prob'ly got lost on the way,
So I'm all of love that could make it today.
     -Shel Silverstein

I'm so very grateful for all the love that surrounds me

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

We had the opporunity to take pictures with the AMAZING Jen Gagliardi in decemeber and again in January.
I was a total basket case for the December shoot, i had this "idea" for family pictures and it DID NOT come together. Riley was NOT into taking pictures AT ALL.  The kids stood and sat on weeds that (come to find out) had teeny-tiny pokies ALL over them-result:major rash and hives all over their thighs, feet, arms. Riley was screaming, braden didn't even notice) Jen did such a great job but i was just not personally happy with the outcome. We only had one pose to pick from for the family picture and i didn't like it. The ones of the kids came out good. (mind you, it was all me. i styled it wrong, had the wrong attidute [remember i was so stressed] and riley wasn't behaiving) Jen did a great job, the pictures themselves were awesome, my face just sort of ruined them all, ha.

The second shoot came out GREAT. I could NOT be happier...i let josh pick the outfits and he did a great job. I made sure i was going to be happy and we BRIBED riley with a new pack of bubble gum if she did good the entire time.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cloth Diapering Day 1

A friend in my ward was kind enough to let me borrow all her cloth diapers (since her little boy is potty trained now) so i can really give this all a try before i invest the money into it. And she has quite a few different brands/styles which is helpful.
I started about half way through the day today and i have just two things to say:
1.It went well...(i hope i don't jinx myself)-the diapers held in his pee and poo and looked super cute...they seem so soft and to not bother him at all.
2.I want one of these
(to spray off the poo so you don't have to get "down and dirty" like i did tonight)
sweet dreams

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cloth Diapers

I am anxious to switch over to cloth diapers. I have to admitt my main motivation behind this is NOT the environment but the money i will save each month...(somewhere just over 30 bucks!) But knowing that my diapers will no longer be clogging up land fills is a great bonus...knowing that i will be scraping POO from the diapers into the toilet is definetly the worst thought about all this but then i just think...30 dollars freed up each month. Worth it to me (not my husband. lets make that clear).
There are SOOO many options of cloth diapers.
I've narrowed it down to two that i love...that is until i find another that i like...but BumGenius 4.0 and FuziBunz One size  I was a big Bum Genius fan until tonight. I looked up the Fuzibunz and those would be my top choice now, i think?
Both are leading brands (go figure, i have to fall in love with the two most expensive) and one diaper us just around 20 dollars each! eek! (a little less if you buy in bulk, but still quite the investment)
Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone tried cloth diapers? Please let me know...
Thanks! Happy Diapering ;)