Friday, May 21, 2010

Riley's First Haircut

My sister in-lay Tami gave Riley her first hair cut and she did SUCH a good job...

It's crazy how old Riley looked sitting up in the chair and at the same time i can't believe she is just now getting her first cut!

Before: (Definetly needed it! It was so straggly, and got tangled too easy)

After:(it was so hard to say good bye to the curls that i LOVE, sniff, sniff)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Next milestone coming up!

Braden's been getting on hands and knees lately. Rocking back and forth and all that jazz ;) He's gone one "crawl" or hand movement forward a couple times but nothing consecutivley.
He tries so hard though. He wants to crawl so bad!
He sometimes gets stuck in "down dog" when trying to remember what he's supposed to do!

Our cousin Katie offered to watch riley one day for me b/c i wasn't feeling so hot, so me and braden got to spend some good quality time together and practice crawling too.
Josh took braden to his first "father and son over nighter" and stayed just for the dinner part so me and riley went on a little date too. We shared McDonalds then went to the park to swing and then home to make these FUN FUN FUN popcicles.

My boss gave me this for Mother's day and it was our first chance to use it.
It's called a "Zoku" quick pop maker. (google it, they are so neat) What you do is freeze the entire unit for 24 hours. (There is liqued inbetween the walls, kind of like a freezer pack you put in a cooler or whatnot, and it freezes over 24 hours) and then whenever your ready you take the unit out and put the popsicle sticks in and fill the slots with whatever you want. The popcicles freeze right before your very eyes in 7-9 min! So this night we did chocolate and strawberry milk and added some marshmellows to them :) You can do so many things, you can put yogurt and granola, or just plain juice. You gotta get creative. I saw a recipe for ones with bits of brownies and strawberries in it!

****hapy to report Braden is now crawling...i made this post a few days ago to "be ahead of the game" but now that i'm ready to post it he started crawling. It's still in the beginning stages- He'll do a crawl or two then lay on his stomach, then do it "wounded army man style" then back to hands and knees. I'm so proud :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

mmmm sand. . .

Sorry for the lack of posts and comment giving...our internet has been giving me a hard time! But finally here is a new post with some cuuuuttteee pictures, if i must say so myself!
I took the kid's to carlsbad to visit our cousin's who were camping there and it just so happened to be braden's FIRST BEACH TRIP. The weather was sooo nice and the water felt great. Riley would have NOTHING to do with the waves and water but my 3.5 yr. old cousin loved playing in the water with me, so we had a blast.
Braden liked the beach, sand and water. Maybe he liked the sand a litte too much....
Feeling the sand for the first time...
His first rush of water...checking things out...
And his first "taste" of sand! ewww, well, by the way he is shoving fistfulls in there you can tell he didn't think it was gross. I could barely keep him from doing it.
So, he had to sneak it...
And finally, he had so much he was coughing and coughing and we brought him up on a blanket to chew on some sand toys instead :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Score Board


Oh, those cats...The "cute" little orangy one knows i'm after it and now IT IS ON!
Above you can see the score, the one point i have is when i was able to squirt the cat with some water while he was on our back wall, and my neighbor behind us-oops! The point he has on me just happened this morning, i saw him digging in our garden. (ohhhhhhhhhhh no he didn't!) I threw open the sliding door and ran smack into the screen door! haha my face bounced off of it and everything, then i continued to chase the cat out of our yard. But when i got back the screen door was bent in half, with some prying and bending it will shut again.