Sunday, September 27, 2009

Braden Joshua Fisher

It's a boy!!!
Braden Joshua Fisher
7lbs 50z
19.5 in
Born on September 25th at 1:32 in the afternoon
Just a little introduction for now, the story to follow :)

we are so in love with Braden and thank everyone for all the support, warm wishes and love our family has already received!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had my dr. appointment this morning and i asked the nurse if he was going to "check me" to see if i was dilated at all and she said no not unless i was feeling any pressure. I told her i wasn't feeling any pressure but that i think i might of been having some contractions since saturday (five days ago) but i wasn't sure if they were contractions or what, so she said he would check me then just to see. Then i felt kind of dumb, like i was being one of those patients that just request too much etc, but when he checked me he said i was 3-4 cm dilated and 75% effaced. He was shocked too i think...He said that if he were to strip my membranes today i would definetly go into labor today but seeing as how i'm still about 2.5 weeks from my due date he wanted to let nature do it's thing and i totally agree...He said i could go into labor today or 3 weeks from now, there really is no telling. But he did warn me that when i do go into labor he believes it's going to be VERY FAST. So he said once i start having contractions five min. apart for an hour to head to the hopsital, he said drive the speed limit but to get there asap...
Needless to say i'm SUPER EXCITED! (that was great news, but on top of it don't feel like a dummy for asking him to check me now, i was scared he would say, "you haven't dilated at all" and then i'd just feel really silly) My dr isn't on call to deliver until october 2nd so i kind of hope to make it those 8 days (my dr finally grew on me!), but waiting that long might drive me nuts too just sitting and thinking every second could be the second i start having contractions. SO whatever happens, happens right?!
All bets are still on for that candy, for those of you who guessed!
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going Better....

Riley's Big Girl Room Blues Update
Let's see where we are starting at....
Day one: night time- crying, soothed by mom and dad, did fine
Day two: night time- cried behind door for 1 hour before falling asleep behind the door
Day three: first nap, played for 1hr 45 min-even when mom took all toys out of the room!
Day three: night time-cried five min. fell asleep behind door
Day four: nap time-mom got down to business, fell asleep at 1 hr 45 min, sitting next to her bed, ignoring her and putting her back in everytime she got up.
Day four: night time-cried for 30 min? can't remember, before falling asleep behind door
Day five: nap time-dad sat in her door way for over 2.5 hours, she sat on bed, never fell asleep.
Day five: night time-fell asleep on way home, layed her right in bed!
Now we are up to date!
Day six: nap time-mom sat in door way, Riley didn't cry or try to get down...for 20 min...big step though! when she did i just had to give her "the look" and she ran right back and got it. After two hours of her rolling around on the bed, not getting down but not sleeping either, i threatened her with a shut door if she didn't stay laying down. So of course she sat up and i shut the door-thinking she would just play and i was giving in :( (in my defense i figured it had already been 2 hours of her on the bed, so she got some kind of a rest) She actually just cried behind the door for about 30-45min more and then fell asleep behind the door! So she was way passed her nap time and it totally ran into bed time, but i'm just excited that we are making progress and that she obviously knew not to play during her nap time
Day six: night time- SUCESS! She didn't cry or try to get down, right to bed, josh even went in to cover her up and she was still awake, she didn't cry then either..YAYYYYYYY!
Today i'm at work so i don't get to do the nap thing, but tomorrow, i'm going to try to just tell her it's nap time, lay her down, tell her not to get down etc. shut the door and see if she plays or cries behind the door...hopefully she will know not to play! Just glad to report it is SLOWLY getting better...i think we are making some good progress....
Mini "beast" update
i dont' have too much to report, i think i might of been having some slight contrations since saturday??? i can't decide if my body is just a little achy and spreading out more or if they are in fact some contractions? Today i'm deciding more that they really might just be! I do have an appointment tomorrow so i'll post what the dr has to say :) Feeling good, some days i can't wait to meet this baby, other days i feel so overwhelmed and want the baby to stay in for a while longer :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Girl Room Blues

Although her fancy new big girl room is two shades of purple, we are singing the blues in the Fisher household. Three nights ago after dinner we let riley into her big girl room a few hours before bed time so she'd have time to check it out and play before having to go to bed. She ran right to her bed and jumped up on it and hugged the pillow, than got off and checked out her "dress up station". We then pointed her to her cool new (my old one from childhood-still missing half of it in mom's attic!) kitchen set. And she was in love! I bought her a new pack of play food and plates/utensils to go with a few of the old ones i had growing up...she loved it all and was having a blast until it was time to go "night-night". We did our thing; brushed out teeth, put on jammies and read a bed time story (story of the week-going on month is Goldilocks (bowbilocks) and the Three bears (i almost have the entire thing memorized, i think josh too!), and said prayers. We tucked her in her "big girl bed" that we've been talking up for weeks, with her teddy bear and NO MORE PACIFIER!!! We've been preparing her for weeks that when she sleeps in a big girl bed she doesn't need or get a pacifier anymore, it stays in the crib etc. So as soon as we walked out the door, turning off lights she started to cry so we turned on her new "flower light" that is super dim on her wall. Still crying josh said he would lay with her and sing to her. He did this for awhile and she liked it. He got up and left and shut the door, she got hysterical, crying, sobbing, standing behind the door-she is not yet tall enought to open them. So after about 5 min. that's all i could handle, thinking how scared my "baby" is in a new room, no pacifier, etc etc. so i said ok i'll go lay with her. So i did for about ten min. she calmed right down and i got up and left while she was still awake, i kept the door slightly ajar and was praising us (me and josh) for a pretty successful first night! I was thinking this is good, she was still awake when i left so she can learn to fall asleep on her own, etc. She woke up at 5am the next morning crying so i ran in and found her in bed crying, i laid with her and fell asleep until 7:30.
Well the next day we didn't get to experience the nap because we were off doing other things. But night time rolls around, we do our thing. Teeth, jammies, goldilocks, prayer. We tuck her in, on goes the flower light, out we go with the door shut and OH MAN. Riley cried for an hour straight at her door. It was the hardest thing to hear, josh went downstairs and put on a movie so he wouldn't hear her and i took a bath-the water blocked her crying until it was time to shut it off. So hard to sit and try to relax when your poor baby is crying her heart out saying "mommy, where are you?!" But we did NOT give in, we don't want her thinking she needs us to fall asleep. She finally fell asleep behind her door, making it quite difficult to open it and put her in bed.
Nap time issues that day were kind of my fault. I tried to get her home on time to be in bed but she fell asleep the last ten min. in the car and woke up when i laid her in bed. She was UP! She wanted to do anything but lay in her bed. She played with all her toys when i shut the door, so i took out everything but her books. She rolled around on the ground with her books, made silly faces in her mirror and anything else but slept for 1hr 45 min. before i went and got her out of her room.
So that night, totally exhausted and feeling like such a CHEATER i took her to josh's 8:30 softball game, hoping she would fall asleep on the way home and we could lay her in bed...such a cheater, i know! Did she fall asleep on the way home though? No. But she only cried behind her door for five min. before falling asleep there. (i'm thinking about moving her bed behind the door somehow?)
Going to sleep i was totally motivating myself that starting today at nap time we are doing this "super nanny" or "nanny 911" style. I would sit by her bed and not talk or really look at her. If she got out of bed i would put her back. And i would do this for as long as it took for her to fall asleep.
Well today came and she ALMOST fell asleep on the car ride home, too easy i thought, so i kept her up until we got home. Changed her diaper and off we were. I was guessing it would be a 2hr battle, my mother in law guessed 1.5 hr and my dear brother in law guessed 30min! (oh i wish he was right) I laid her down and said it was nap time. I had my book with me and my phone on silent. I started to read to myself and she cried and climbed down over and over and over...funny thing is i think i saw one tear the entire time...what a faker! She did somersaults, head stands, you name it. I kept laying her down, ignoring her, putting her back in bed. I ignored her requests for her flower light, a t-shirt, her dolls, the potty, offering me a spot on the bed, etc. I was doing good, but as hour one fast aproached and she was still going strong i started to waver...i gave myself a pep talk and kept on. Josh called and needed some info right then and there so i had to run down stairs to grab my wallet and when i came back she was in the office so i spanked her butt and dragged her suddenly limp body to her bed. As i was texting josh the info she fell asleep on 1.5hr mark on the dot! Go mom in law :)
I plan on doing this each day and i'm hoping it will get shorter and shorter...tough to do though. we have a b-day party at her nap time tomorrow, then the next day is church which not so conviently starts at her nap time and monday i'm at work! What to do? I really have to have this sorted out before the new baby comes, which is super soons. I'm still brainstorming this and i'm sure i'll have another good story for you guys. I will post pictures of her new room asap too :)
Any suggestions would be wonderful!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yikes! 36 weeks

Maybe i really did swallow a water melon seed!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What we've been up to!

Not too much new here in the Fisher home. Getting ready for this baby...getting so anxious to see if it will be a boy or girl! I'm still working twice a week, but other than that i'm soaking up my one on one time with Riley...we are preparing her "big girl room". She will hopefully be in it by the end of the week, i will DEFINETLY post pictures of her first reaction...seeing her "big girl bed and pillow" that we've been talking up, her "new" play kitchen (mine when i was little and still missing half of it until we can find it in my mom's attic!) and her "dress up station"...we've been very careful to keep the door shut so she can't see anything going on in there...not sure why it's such a big deal to me to have it be a surprise but why not?!
I'm feeling quite big, round, full...ready...I often have day dreams of the dr. saying "oh wow, you are super should get to the hospital asap and have this baby!" ha, that probably won't happen though. I am still enjoying being pregnant, i think this baby is faced up/out (however you want to look at it) with all his/her limbs pressed right against the front of my belly because i can feel all the movements so well, my favorite is when i can feel an elbow or knee slide by. My heart burn is getting just out of control, luckily i gave into tums...what a life saver, i'm telling you, by the end of the day i can't even drink water without something trying to squeeze back up...there really is just no more room...which i have come to realize is a great diet, i take about 5 bites of food and i'm stuffed! (but then about 20 min. later i'm hungry again haha)
Josh is doing great, just finished the closet...see picture below! He has been working around the clock on that prjoect and it really has payed he's starting riley's closet, it will be much less involved but definetly needs a few shelves and a couple bars...He joined our church softball league and his first game is this week, he seems to be pretty excited, his whole team is family i believe, cousins and brothers so it should be a blast, i'm excited to watch him play.
Riley is doing great, she is learning so much and still surprises us daily...a few funny things she's said lately that i can think of right now "what time is it babe?" after putting on a watch she asked this to josh..hehe OH the best one( i hope i have posted this already, if i did, sorry i forgot!)....i was putting on her lotion after her bath and she said something about her "gina" and i said "yes, girls have a vagina and what do boys have?" she takes a second or two and says "ARMPITS!" she just noticed josh's hairy armpits a few days before and we told her boys have hair in their arm pits..too cute. than the next day i was coloring with her and we colored elmo's eyes and i said "what color are mommy's eyes?" riley-"brown" me-"what color are riley's eyes?" riley-"brown" me-"what color does daddy have?" Riley-"Penis" hahaha too funny. A few things she's really into right now are jumping, anywhere and all day long, just jumping in place shouting "alex and leah time" -two characters from a dvd she used to watch a lot. she loves disney movies, but always wants to watch "the girl one" little mermaid. She is getting into those terrible twos, not too bad so far, unless she is tired, she just has a mind of her own but usually is so so sweet and POLITE. she says please and thank you for jsut about everything, and sometimes just says thankyou and we have to ask what for :)
Well enough of this update, i think you can tell we are doing well..I am going to take belly pictures this i'll post those asap!
Labor day-me and riley (above) just relaxing and with her cousin hailey and "opa" (grandpa in german) below...think she has enough floaty things on? she loves her wings so she can be on her own, but that day she really loved being pulled around in all the baby stuff

Trip to ford park to feed the ducks

"Shut the door Mommy!"-this girl likes her privacy...she makes me shut the door and she tells me when she is done...although a few times lately she tries to get off by her self just getting stuck further in the seat :)

Some fun with her cousins, Maddy-left and Morgan right

Our closet is FINISHED! Oh man, so i need to search for some kind of "My husband is a stud" contest and enter josh. He built this closet and it is beautiful! He designed our closet-he measured my dress and skirt lengths, our different types of clothes-dress, work polos, pants, tee's, etc. He bought the wood, cut, sanded stained and prepped the closet, ripped out the dumb single rack in there, patched, painted and installed his beautiful work of art! Now that is finished he is out of suitcases-the first time since we moved in, over a year and a half! The closet is full of clothes and everything fits so PERFECTLY! He really does amaze me, all the things he can stud! The pictures dont' really do it justice, next time your over i'd love to show off more ;)
The middle section
The right sections-josh's side.

And my side that i love oh so much!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who thinks they got it?!

Thanks to a friend of mine-thanks christy-i got the fun idea to give away a free candy bar to whoever can guess what day i will deliver this baby! Just a fun way for you to get free candy and a fun way for me to pass this time, growing more and more anxious with every passing day!
My stats so far are not too interesting but may help you in deciding what day i will pop. The due date my Dr. has given me after two ultra sounds is October 12th. With Riley i did deliver one week early, but i was induced due to some minor complications.(so not much help there except that i didn't go into early labor on my own) With riley my dr. did strip/swipe/sweep(?!)-get rid of my "membranes" and four days later i was still not in labor, so he went on with the induction. I'm about 4.5 weeks away from my "due date" and feeling good, starting to just feel "OK". i haven't been having any contractions, but my back has been killing by the end of most days, i'm definetly just starting to feel "different" rather than just big and round. I dont believe i've "dropped" any yet, i promise to post new pictures asap. So not much help but we'll see what you guys can come up with! Leave me a comment looking something like this:
Jessica Fisher
Due date guess: oct 8th
Favorite candy: m&m's
p.s. if you live somehwere i need to mail the candy, please chose a non-chocolatley one so it won't melt, unless you want to take your chances :)
Good luck to all!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sister Hinckley said it perfectly...

“I don’t want to drive up to the pearly gates of heaven in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.

I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.

I want to be there with a smudge of peanut better on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbor’s children.

I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone’s garden.

I want to be there with children’s sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder.”
A few weeks ago we had a lesson in relief society (an hour of church with just the women 18 years and older) and in that lesson that quote was read to us. I fell in love with it as it was read aloud and knew i had to put it on my blog and share with the rest of you. The person described above is just how i want to be. This person is not too busy cleaning, making her house, yard, car, body perfect, this person is not too busy watching t.v. or movies or going shopping for frivilous items. This person is not too busy being so into herself that she lets the most important things in life slip away because "i didn't have the time" or "i was so busy i forgot" etc. I really do want people to know and use me as a reliable source for whatever help they need and whenever that need arises-needless to say i never want to lose my back bone and let people walk all over me-but at the end of the day, week, month, year, life i want a lot of my memories to be of me doing things for others, and helping to improve others' situations not just memories of the things "i want" in life. Of course spending time on one's self is perfectly okay and greatly needed, i just hope to keep it all in balance and if the balance ever sways i hope it sways to the side where i might neglect myself a little too much instead of me being selfish. Anyway, i'm having trouble saying what this quote actually means to me, but i hope you all understand basically what i'm putting down and i hope that you each enjoy it too!