Saturday, July 12, 2014

A lot of Reese and a little bit of other happenings

This month Reese started: 
-Standing to everything
I took these cute photos on the way to visit my grandma Ruth one day

-eating big people food. She still absolutely refuses anything purred. At best I can trick her into two bites. So I 
have been tying to find healthy table foods for her. She loves Spanish rice, grilled chicken and mixed veggies (from a can-but they are so soft that way and in a good variety, peas green beans potatoes celery carrots ) she liter smacks her lips as she goes to town on it!

-reese has been our first to say "dadda" before "mama" (i think this started more in june)

-Max potty trained this month. I had to leave him BUTT naked for a week straight. If I put underwear or a diaper on him he would pee/poop in them but if he was naked he had zero accidents. After I week of nudy Max I put underwear on him and he didn't have a single accident for almost a month and then he had one accident a day for about 3 days. Hope that was just a fluke! It's been easy for him so far! Woohoo!
 -Reese had her first time at the beach  it was long drive there with traffic and car problems so by the time we got there she was tired and crabby. She is a water baby but didn't like her first dip in the ocean. She ate tons of sand which. See her more mad! . She ended up liking it somewhat. And i cant believe i forgot her bathing suit in the car (parked super ar away!) 
Braden LOVED boogie boarding. This was his first time where he was old enough to do it by him self in the small waves and he couldn't get enough!

-After Max ate and rested he LOVED swimming in the waves but was a bit fussy at first too. 
-Riley loved playing in the sand building/digging and catching sand crab, she caught some HUGE ones

-this month Max started to say "no idea"
when you asked him a question and he didn't know the answer. It's pretty cute  

-Brynlee Olivia was born on 7/16/14 8lbs 2oz. Sweet grand baby #10 on that side of the family 
-Braden learned how to make himself burp and he does it all. day. long! Drives 
me NUTS!
-Max started saying "poo poo head" which wasn't really a problem and was slightly funny but then he started going over board with it so we are on damage control now and don't allow it. 
-Reese started cruising along furniture this month and can stand for up to 10 seconds unassisted!
-she waves Bye bye and sometimes
"hi", gives high five and really good open mouth kisses
-if you say "blah blah blah" to Reese she talks back a whole lot! She will go on with her life story, I love to listen :)
-This month i started teaching Reese to fall in the water and flip/roll to her back. She doesn't cry at all about going under, she does start to get irritated with me pushing her in after 6 times or so. I can't believe how fast she caught on. She will either lean off the edge to me or I will push the back of her head to make her tip in and she full submerges and I use my hand on the back of her head only, as little as possible, to guide her to roll over and float on her back. She can roll over on her own about 99% of the time and stays in a back float position and kicks like crazy. She just needs a little support to stay on top of the water, on her own she sinks just a tad where the water covers her mouth and nose. She seriously doesn't cry and it shocks me but makes me proud of my water baby!
Carrie threw her parents a surprise going away party, they left later that week for a YEAR long RV trip across the USA. 
Lucas had his 5th bday party at the back bay, we had tons of fun swimming and building sand castles!
We won the contest-these were my helpers
Riley did hers all on her own and did great!!!
I'm not sure Reese gets enough attention

Katie and russel welcomed Jack Thomas into the world this month. He stole my heart, he is absolutely adorable!