Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ultra sound pictures! Boy or Girl? Names and more!

I got to have an ultra at just 2 days before i was 24 weeks along. It was fun, except for having to drink 32 oz. of water and holding it for an entire hour before my appointment and than the 40 min. it took to do the ultra sound! ouch :) It was really fun after i got to pee. After the tech took all the measurements she needed-which only took so long because the baby was moving allll over the place-maybe he/she had a full bladder too? ;) She brought josh and my mom in to just look for fun, and she turned the screen so i could see too! By that time the baby had turned over toward my back and went to sleep but she was able to get a few partial shots of the face. The tech was able to tell the gender...i told her from the beginning to try not to tell me b/c we didn't want to know....she refered to the baby as a "he" a few times and than switched to "it" so i kind of think it might be a boy, but i always call it a "he" too. She even caught me saying that and asked if i thought it was a boy and we both agreed that "he" just rolls off your tongue when you don't know the gender-so i really don't know?! Josh and i got a little wishy-washy and we had her write the gender on a piece of paper incase we end up wanting to know. She was so funny, she folded it about 30 times and taped all the edges! I decided i'm going to shred it. I would be ecstatic to know the gender now, but if it's a girl again i don't want to know-we would be thrilled with a girl, we love the name we have picked out and riley would have such a close sister. We don't need much for a girl, so we might as well wait-and if it's a boy, i just can't take away the emotion i would feel when they tell me right as i deliver! I've been leaning more towards wanting a girl lately for a few reasons but mostly because the name we picked "Reese". I think Riley and Reese would make great fisher sisters. And for the past few months josh and i had our top 3 boy names but none we absolutely completely 100% loved. They were 1. Kole 2. Troy 3. Porter. But i came up with the name Braden (sounding like Brayden-not sure how to spell it yet) and we both fell in love with it, so that is taking the #1 spot and knocking troy of the list i believe. we'll see. So now that we have a boy name that we are crazy about i'm okay with having a boy too :) (p.s.if you don't like any of the names we do, that fine with me, and i'm well aware there will be infinite HORRIBLE nicknames for each and every name, and that you might know someone with one of those names that you just can't stand, but we love them, so let us enjoy them please!)

Okay, so this head is giving me a few nightmares....and some pelvic pain already! A little big huh?!

The baby looking right at us, you can see his stomach and his hand-which happens to look like a foot-hopefully when the baby pops out it will resemble a hand!

Sleeping-the lips kept opening and closing, pretty neat to see

The day of the ultra sound the baby had it's head down toward my left hip and it's fit under my right's fun to know what i'm feeling kind of! Oh and the baby has come up with a new schedule...6:15 every morning WE-yes we, get up to play! not to fond of that but it's better than 4am which it was for awhile! This baby is SO active and moves a TON, i love feeling it. I think i'm going to wear my sking off just from always having my hand somewhere on my tummy feeling the baby move!

Our bedroom is beginning to take shape! We've had our awesome bed and end tables etc since a few weeks after we moved in but we have yet to decorate the frames or anything. The office i work at has these awesome lamps in a few rooms and i found them at ikea. Luckily josh loves them too. They look the best at night, they light up the room just enough and give off a great ambiance. They are like a papery material and have just two lightbulbs in each one...they stand probably around 5 ft. tall and i just LOVE em. Next come frames and all that...josh is making some great progress on the closet, i will post an update asap!

I couldn't get both lamps in the picture at once, but we each have one on our side of each of our night stands-bed unmade, but i could lie and say that is for the purpose of you seeing our "colors" brownish stain, blue walls and yes ORANGE accents baby :)

Riley and Pops writing father's day cards

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amazing Deal!!!

Thank you for helping me with our anniversary get-away search. That very next day, josh riley and i were walking around bass pro shop-by victoria gardens-and they had some people there advertising for this new time share place. Long story short we got 3days and 2nights at this place for $99!!!!!! Now let me highlight a little of the awesomeness before you all jump in your car and drive to bass pro to get the same deal! (which i seriously highly reccomend!)

It's in Las Vegas right behind the MGMgrand
It is a resort, so there is no casino and NO SMOKING in the entire place!
Our room alone is going to be 710 sq ft complete with an entire kitchen, washing machine, master bedroom w/ a flat screen, dining room table-in kitchen- and pull out king sized sofa in the living area with another flat screen. Bathroom is seperate from the walk in closet and vanity seating area! They were really trying to sell me on all the space, but since we will only be there 3 days, i didn't really care. if we were there about a week all this would be amazing. SO needless to say we will be living in style for for our 3 days and 2 nights. Their pool is indoors-which almost broke the whole deal for me, josh is stoked, but the lounge/lay out area is just outside the pool area, where there is also a bar and cafe to buy snacks and what not. There is a gym in this resort which woud be nice, again, if we were there for a longer period of time.
Josh is going to go golfing one day nearby while i go tanning and swimming :) funny we will be spending part of one day alone on our anniversary trip but those are two things we really enjoy doing. We are going to see Mystere i believe, i'm leavning that up to josh, to book a cool show to watch.
So this is how the pricing works, and the reason why noone reading this can afford to miss out! if you chose to stay on a WEEK night it is only $99 for 3 days, 2 nights. All enclusive-meaning, taxes, parking etc. Also if you book your reservation date within 30 days of when you purchase this package from the basspro shop store, they will wave the $50 registration fee! (this is why we chose to stay thurs/fri night and check out on saturday. Now if you want to stay on a fri/sat/ or sun night it only raises the fee $30. not bad! so $129 for 3 days and 2 week END nights. Also, the second day we are there, we are required to go on a 1.5 hour tour of the place(since it is a time share deal) but they did say they hired a comedian to do the tour-to make it more bearable, and it's not a sitdown thing-i'll believe that when i see it! but at the end of the presentation they place josh's joyess fingers 3, $25 gift cards to basspro! so an extra $75 to shop fo whatever camping, hunting, shooting gift or item we want! I didn't ask, but it sounded like if you didn't go to the presentation/tour you just don't get the gift cards, so whatever floats your boat :)
If you go to the basspro store in victoria gardens, they were set up inside to the left of the big fish tank. Not sure how long they will be there offering this deal. The main reason i say you can't afford to miss out on this deal is because you need to buy it now, from the people in the store, but you don't have to book or reserve a date for the entire year. Everyone will have a wedding anniversary they need to celebrate this year, a birthday, a simple get away for fun, etc.
I'll defnitly post pictures when we get back and let you all know how i rate the place!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

22 week check up and Anniversary Search

I had an OBGYN apointment today it went well. I've had no complications due to the placenta previa so far! He found the heart beat almost right away. i think he got the butt first, because when he moved the instrument a straight across to the other side, we heard the heart beat, haha, made me chuckle to myself. While listening to the heartbeat he said "Sounds like a boy today" i didn't ask what the speed was specifically, but by his comment, he was reffering to the old wive's tale that a "slower" (yet still in the healthy range) heart beat indicates a boy. He also meaured my uterus, i guess you could say, he didn't say how many inches and i didn't ask, but i'm sure it was on track because he didn't say anything. And the best news, he also let me set up an 'anatamy' scan ultra sound for a few weeks from now! Although we are not planning on finding out the gender i can't wait to see the baby, the tiny, feet and fingers, the brain, bladder, beating heard and rib cage. it's so amazing. I was feeling that this baby is a boy at first, now i'm back to not feeling certain either way, but i'm starting to hope a little bit more for a girl just so riley has a close sister. But a boy for josh and i would be such a fun change....i'm starting to really get baby hungry, having dreams of labor and holding this baby. I love feeling all the kicks and tumbles, i'm having a great pregnancy thus far!
On to the anniversary search i mentioned in the title...Josh and i want to "get away" for about 3 days or so for our 3rd wedding anniversary (july 8th) so one of the weekends suroudning it we want to go somewhere: palm springs, catalina, vegas...this is where all my helpful friends come in. I'm finally brave enough to leave riley for couple days, i can't wait to get away, just josh and i and just have an amazing time to relax and connect! Any ideas? places you've heard of or been to? please let me know so i can check them out. I'm thinking of a resort type place, comfy bed, pool, etc.