Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Baby BOY
Max Taylor Fisher
Decemeber 25th
8lb 12 oz
We are so in love with our Christmas Miracle.
(birth story coming soon!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

38weeks and 2days along

I had a dr appt last friday, dr was able to check me and let me know that i will still the same (as the tuesday before) 3-4cm dilated and 40%effaced. i was pretty down in the dumps after that appt because i thought for sure i would of had SOME all weekend long i've been waiting and waiting for some contractions to start...he did tell me that i could come in on monday to be induced basically...if i wanted...but i want this to be semi nautral...well here i am, tues, still pregnant (which is fine b/c i'm still 1.5weeks away from my due date, just soooo anxious) i had another dr appt today and he asked me if i wanted him to strip my membranes "yes please!"(this is the SEMI natural part) so he did. (he is leaving thurs to go out of town and wont be back until the 27th, i'm hoping for him to deliver me but we'll see) and wowza! that was quite uncomfortable, he even told me after that he tried to break my water with his finger...didn't work, but he tried. again OUCH. but i'm not complaining...whatever works! he was quite agressive so im hoping this helps. i asked him "will this work?" and he said "you should feel something after this" and i asked if it would put me in labor today and he said "if this doesn't work, i give up" haha so it's been about 4hours and no contractions yet...i'm  okay ebign pregnant still since i'm not really too near my due date but on the flip side i am SO anxioius that i literally have issues sleeping at night which is not like me...fingers crossed!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Found out earlier today at my dr appt that I am 4cm dilated (just over 37weeks pregnant) here I sit (at home) waiting for something- anything to happen...I woke up hungry an hour ago and finally got up for a slim fast. I am so excited to meet this new baby...I can't express just how much. Ive known I'm 4cm dilated for about 16hours and already the suspense is killing me! When will contractions start? One min from now? One day? One week? Will load belly pics ASAP- Braden just woke up... Gotta go snuggle him back to bed.