Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Maybe we'll see some whales"

    A month or so back on the way to the beach i told riley (not knowing it would totally freak her out and traumatize her from any amount of ocean water) that maybe we would see some whales...like you know swimming wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy far away. expect i didnt' say that last part... Well, that beach trip she wouldn't even stick a toe in the water and only played on the sand. i didn't think much of it, just figured the water was too overwhelming.
The truth came out during this beach trip. Josh was pysching her up on the way saying how much fun it would be to play in the waves with him etc. But when we got there she would not go in the water and kept saying that there were whales in there. She thought they would come right up to the shore...she was having a blast playing with the buckets and shovels inbetween our chairs and the water, but when it came time to collect more sand for her bucket she would walk away from the water and only get the dry sand...it was pretty funny.
After awhile i grabbed her and made her stick her toes in, i wanted her to have fun but i wanted her to have fun in the water too! This is the reaction we got if we took her anywhere near the water:pure terror!
we are happy to report that by the end (thanks to her uncle daniel) she was playing in the waves if he held her hands and even had a few go over her head...needless to say she didn't want to leave.
I asked for a sand castle, and they delivered...you should of seen this thing! It had all these different levels, a mote and so much more :)

I bought a barbie kite from the 99cent store, i didn't have much hope for it but it was awesome!
Opa helping Riley fly her very first kite
It was the perfect day to fly a kite, sunny, warm, a little windy and family all around

Braden did so great. He loved playing(chewing on) all the sand toys and we even had some good mommy-son time crawling around where the water would come up
Playing with his cousin Luke who loved crawling all over. He was constantly crawling from one toy to another checking things out.
Josh and Braden checkin' out the water when we first got there, it was a bit chilly but felt great once you got all the way in!
Braden and Oma (Josh's mom) hanging out on the blanket
Braden and Uncle Mathew
Opa (Josh's dad) helping Braden surf...braden wasn't too happy about it
Playing a little football with Opa
Riley LOVES her Uncle Adam
Riley and her cousin Hailey taking a break for lunch. I'm definetly framing this one for Riley's room!
(have i ever said how much i love summer?! wink, wink)

Friday, June 25, 2010

woo woo!!!

Would you look at that! I have a normal header picture again. You no longer have to stare at my shoulder when you come to visit my blog.  I wish i could say i became much more computer savy and was able to switch around pixels or do whatever it is that needed to be done. But i simply tried to put a new picture up from my father inlaw's house...and what a beautiful picture to have up there too!  That would be the Redlands temple on a beautiful day when Josh's brother Andrew was sealed to his wife Crystina and their daughter Hailey for time and all eternity.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


No new pictures. i've been too lazy to get up in get my camera most of the time lately.
Mini update:
Braden is crawling and standing up to everything. He hasn't tested the stairs too much yet. just the first or second step.
Riley says "no!" all of the time. She has a cute little tan from her swim suit all the time lately (love the heat) (p.s. i put sun screen on her-back off...)
Josh woke up with a sore throat. crappy. He just finished watching the first season of "firefly" on dvd. "It's a space-western" hehe-got you sucker! and he's going to finish building riley's closet this week right?! (i'm totally NOT hinting at anything with that last comment)
And Jessica is watching twilight-well listening to it play in the other room while i catch up on blogs and emails. (sorry for lack of comments, i usually check from my phone and it's hard to leave a comment that way) Loving life today. Everyone is healthy. Happy. Fun. Smiling. Kids are sleeping, aww. I love being me and having my life. I definitely have up's and down's in life, don't get me wrong. The house work, the kids, the random things are hard sometimes and get to me but this is the life i want and i'm living it. I feel so lucky and i try not to take it for granted. I want to make a list, sort of bucket list but not really...i feel like i don't get out and enjoy this world as much as i should. I need to go on more walks with the kids, more bike rides etc. i want to see more sights, and less of my couch. i want the list to be somewhere i can see throughout the week and whenever we get a chance to cross something off great, i want the list to contain things that help me to remember to enjoy my life and again not take it for granted :) and maybe just maybe i'll take pictures of the things we do...now i just need a name for this "list" any ideas?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Summer,

We LOVE you!!!
(Besides the cold morning we are experiencing right now) the weather has been more than amazing lately. 80's, 90's and even the 100's. I'm in Heaven. Not sure you can understand how much i love it! Hopefully the pictures help, we get out and do so much more when mom is happy and mom is happy when it's HOT!
My brother Matt got married! This is his beautiful bride Mariel. They were married in my parents backyard. I wish i took more pictures of it, it was GORGEOUS! I'm so happy for them.
Riley was one of 4 cute flower girls

Cousins Haleigh and Maile
Park time
My friend emily made this onesie for braden and has an easy tutorial on her blog.
SO true right?
water water water
I couldn't decide which one to post, i had to do both...look at those expressions haha

Water Slide up!
This is my new best friend,pictured below, (yes this is Jessica typing). Madylin was the only one to go down the slide repeatedly with me! We had a blast, i felt like such a little kid but it was worth the fun :)I have to give credit to Morgan, she didn't enjoy the slide too much but she went down a few times anyway. Nathan was so excited, he was all over the place, trying to climb in and out of the pool part, up and down the smaller slide etc.
Braden had a good time as well, he crawled around a little but mostly sat in the same spot and watched the commotion all around.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can't Sleep...Thinking...

Put Riley to bed last night like normal.
Checked on her at midnight before i turned in.
Everything was good.
Woke up this morning to get ready for work.
Little coughs, calling for mom quietly, whiney.
"aw man, no peaceful getting ready for me"
I wait and listen, hope she falls back to sleep.
I get up and decide to check on her before i get dressed.
She can't breathe.
She's laying in bed sucking in air.
She's trying and trying but can't move the air.
"oh. my. gosh. JOSH!"
Drive or 911?
She's going to turn blue. It's coming. What am I supposed to do?
Josh calls an ambulance.
We're holding her, trying to make her comfortable. Scared out of our minds.
I cry for about 2 seconds. No time to cry.
Our baby.
Our Riley!
Please breathe with me Riley,
Josh and I take turns getting dressed.
(not really interested in meeting the firemen in our undies)
What's going thru her head?
I hope she trusts me.
I hope i can help her.
A father's blessing.
Not sure i've ever heard anything better in my life.
Knowing my HUSBAND-hero-(interchangable right?) has this power. This incredible power to help our family. Help our daughter.
Unlock the door and wait.
Wait and wait for someone to help her breathe.
Finally I hear or feel the vibration of the fire engine coming down our small street.
Aww medicine.
She can breathe better.
Thank You.
thank you medicine, thank you josh, thank you firemen and paramedics, thank you police officer for your kind words, thank you Heavenly Father.
My baby is breathing better. What joy filled my heart.

After a short stay in the ER. A breathing treatment and some 02 Riley was as good as new. I'll let her words do the talking:

(keep in mind this is in the er on the gurney)

"Can i go swimming?"

I asked her to put her mask back on and she put the strap over her shoulder and said

"It's not a mask it's my purse"

Ok, someone get the nurse, i think she's all better.