Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fishing with Papa

When Max fell and split his head open at my parent's house monte kind of blurted out "when you feel better, i will take you fishing".  well max never forgot it and kept him to his word.  My step dad showed up and surprised max with his very own fishing pole and all the necessary gear for an amazing first time fishing trip!
It was so touching to see him take the time to teach max all about how to fish, max will never forget it!

oh the joy of catching his first fish!!!!

I got in on the action as well, i had never been fishing and loved the experience just as much as max!

Max wasn't so impressed with the whole "waiting game" part of fishing so he liked to get into the all the other things like the net and keep papa on his toes

What a special gift he gave to max, we are so lucky!

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